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Stimerex Hardcore Stimerex Hardcore 90 caps. (DMHA)
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Stimerex Hardcore

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  • Supports adipose tissue reduction in multiple ways
  • Enables workout sessions of maximum intensity
  • Inhibits process of adipose tissue deposition
  • Stimulates adrenaline and noradrenaline release
  • Contains fully legal and natural components
  • Accelerates adipose tissue reduction
  • Increases exercise capacity
  • Ensures long-lasting stimulation
  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Reduces weight without health damage
  • Increases dopamine synthesis

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Stimerex Hardcore is a dietary supplement containing a complex of synergically active components. They enhance adipose tissue loss and ensure high energy levels in the exhausting period of reduction in multiple ways. The preparation contains fully legal components whose activity has been scientifically validated.

Ephedra leaf extract is a source of the alkaloid ephedrine. The active substances contained in the extract exert their effects above all through beta receptors and can help to increase heat production in muscle tissue, that way stimulating energy substrate burning.

Through its influence on the central nervous system, the Ephedra leaf extract supports metabolism, increases energy, elevates the mood, which in turn helps to enhance exercise capacity.

Senegalia erlanderi leaf extract contains N-methyl-synephrine, N-methyl-β-phenylethylamine, N,N-dimethylphenethylamine, and phenethylamine, which affect the central nervous system. They facilitate adrenergic transmission, mainly in terms of noradrenaline, which helps to increase peripheral lipolysis. Moreover, both phenethylamine and its derivatives are known for their euphoria-inducing activity, so they can have a positive effect on the mood.

Theobromine – a substance occurring naturally in cocoa tree. The compound is a methylxanthine that has a positive effect on the functioning of the organism. That is because it helps to maintain high cAMP levels in cells, which is beneficial for many processes (including energy processes) in the body.

The active compound reduces the inhibition of the secretion of many neurotransmitters. That is possible thanks to the fact that it binds with and blocks adenosine receptors in the nervous system. The receptors are one of the “brakes” in the nervous system, as their stimulation has an inhibitory effect on the secretion of many neurotransmitters. Thanks to its activity, theobromine blocks that activity and strongly activates processes stimulated by adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. That, in turn, translates into a higher mood, motivation, and energy levels during workout.

Theobromine works similarly to caffeine but its activity is longer and does not cause the side effects typical of the latter.

Green tea leaf extract – characterised by the content of such substances as: catechins, caffeine, and polyphenols. They support the functioning of the organism during the adipose tissue reduction period in many stages by stimulating the process and preventing low energy levels.

The most powerful catechin contained in the material is EGCG. The main physiological effect exerted by it is the inactivation of COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase). The enzyme leads to the breakdown of adrenaline and noradrenaline, that way regulating their levels in the organism. EGCG helps to maintain high levels of both catecholamines, which is connected with more powerful thermogenic and lipolytic processes in the body. Moreover, it highly stimulates the organism, thanks to which it is possible to boost the effectiveness of a workout session.

Increased catecholamine levels in the organism enhance lipid oxidation, thanks to which the process of adipose tissue reduction is enhanced.

An additional advantage of using a green tea extract are the antioxidant properties of the substances it contains. When metabolic processes in the organism are increased, more free radicals are produced, which are an unnecessary by-product. They have a negative effect on the functioning and efficiency of the body. Supporting the organism in the fight against free radicals enhances its functioning.

Naringenin – a plant metabolite found in grapefruit. Grapefruit extracts help to enhance carbohydrate management in the organism. The effect is possible thanks to the ability of the active substance to activate the transcription factor PPARα. Thanks to that, the processes connected with glucose deposition in the form of triglycerides in adipose cells can be reduced.

DMAE – a highly active substance whose full name is dimethylethanolamine. It performs the function of an extremely powerful acetylcholine precursor in the organism, thanks to which it enhances the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and ensures high energy and motivation during workout.

Yohimbe bark extract – believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac with a multitude of positive effects on men. However, the main effect of using the extract is increased adipose tissue burning. The substance responsible for that effect is a plant alkaloid called yohimbine. Research conducted on the compound confirms that it promotes the use of adipose tissue as the main source of energy during fasting.

The activity of yohimbine consists in the inhibition of adrenaline and noradrenaline reuptake, thanks to which they can work for longer. That efficiently increases the level of the catecholamines in the organism, which translates into better concentration, motivation, and adipose tissue burning.

The positive effect of the yohimbe extract is connected with its two-way activity. Increased catecholamine levels reduce appetite, which is particularly important in the last stage of reduction. Moreover, yohimbine binds with and blocks α2-adrenergic receptors. Their activation stimulates processes that promote adipose tissue deposition. That along with more powerful activation of β-adrenergic receptors maximises the process of lipolysis.

Caffeine – the most popular stimulant of the xanthine group. Having entered the organism, the active substance has a beneficial effect on the adrenergic system, thanks to which it ensures strong stimulation, lipolysis, and thermogenesis.

Caffeine has a suppressive effect on the enzyme that breaks down cAMP in cells. Thanks to that it is possible to maintain high levels of the molecule, which activates hormone-sensitive lipases in cells. That results in higher adipose tissue burning.

Strong psychophysical stimulation, concentration and focus connected with the use of caffeine are determined by its positive effect on maintaining high neurotransmitter levels. After crossing the blood-brain barrier, the active substance blocks adenosine receptors, which are responsible for reducing the secretion of such neurotransmitters as: dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

The alkaloid can directly help to maintain high catecholamine levels. It is possible thanks to its ability to block the activity of COMT, which leads to their breakdown. Consequently, their concentration in the organism remains high and the positive effects connected with their activity are increased.

The dietary supplement Stimerex Hardcore by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is an extremely powerful fat burner consisting of fully legal active components. They promote adipose tissue burning in the organism in several ways and effectively increase energy production. Unlike most supplements of the same kind, the product does not cause the sensation of a sudden energy drop. Because of its incredibly powerful activity, the preparation is recommended mainly for experienced users who want to achieve a ripped body!

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 90
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Proprietary Blend:475 mg-
Ephedra Extract 25 mg (leaves)
2-Aminoisoheptane HCl
Senegalia Berlanderi Extract (Leaves) [Yielding 200 mg Phenylethylamine Alkaloids including
Green Tea Extract (leaves)
Naringen (fruit)
3-Dimethyl Aminoethanol Bitartrate
Yohimbe Extract (bark),
Caffeine (anhydrous)150 mg-

Other ingrednients

Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6

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Proprietary blend


Proprietary blend - is a complex of bioactive ingredients in the proportions, which are covered by the manufacturer's patent. According to the law in force in Poland, the components of the blend are known, and , by the place on the packaging, you can identify which components are in bigger amount (the components are listed in the decreasing order of amounts).
Proprietary blends are used in many food supplements, such as creatine stacks, no-boosters, fat burners and pro-testosterone supplements, improving libido.




Theobromine (3,7-Dimethylxanthine) is a purine alkaloid, poorly soluble in water, present in cocoa beans, as well as the leaves of yerba mate, tea, coffee, cola and peanuts. It is a diuretic, lowers blood pressure and improves brain function (dilates the blood vessels of the brain). Also expands the blood vessels throughout the circulatory system, preventing atherosclerotic changes. Sometimes it is used in slimming diet. Combined with caffeine and polyphenols becomes thermogenic. In the sports supplementation formulations containing theobromine are used diuretics and fat burners. It is a component of thermogenics, pre-workout creatine stacks, as well as nitrogen boosters.

Green tea extract


Green tea extract is a concentrate that contains biologically active compounds: polyphenols (e.g. catechin, in the form of EGCG - epigallocatechin gallate), having antioxidant properties and a small thermogenic potential, modifies the action of testosterone metabolites, DTH. Green tea extract is an ingredient of many sports supplements containing fat burners, having pro-health and vitaminizing effect; also for those with low physical activity as an antioxidant and slimming supplement. Available either as mono-preparations, ready drinks, and above all as an extract.
Dosage: 200-500 mg per day (depending of the content of other active bio-components).




Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, 1-methylotheobromine) is a purine alkaloid occurring in the natural state in plants (Coffea arabica, Camelia sinensis, Paulinia cupana, Ilex paraguariensis), which acts as a natural pesticide, acting toxic to insects. Peculiar smell and taste also deters herbivores. Caffeine in the body inhibits the adenosine receptors in the brain, fighting fatigue and allowing for action activation. It has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of oxygen, which increases the exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and rapid post-workout recovery. In the sports supplementation, caffeine is used as a stimulant nervous system. It has the thermogenic potential and in combination with other substances (e.g. Polyphenols, both occurring in coffee beans, such as cocoa beans, tea leaves and mate) can effectively participate in the reduction of body fat. It is included in many dietary stimulants (creatine stacks, no-boosters, beverages). It is a component of fat burners. It is also in the form of mono-preparation supplements.
Dosage: 100-600 mg per day. Due to the long release of activity should not be used in the evening, before


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