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PX Ultra PX Ultra 60 caps.
31.88 €

PX Ultra 60 caps.

From 3 units only: 31.24 € / Units. -2%

Shipping weight: 180g

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Fat Burner 120 caps.
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31.88 € With VAT
1.06 € / serving
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  • Boosts efficiency and improves focus
  • Stabilises mood and has neuroprotective properties
  • Complex regulation of lipid metabolism
  • Strong thermogenic formula
  • Promotes regeneration processes
  • Promotes anabolic processes
  • Burns persistent fat
  • Inhibits cortisol secretion
  • Reduces water retention
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Promotes detoxification

Finaflex PX Ultra is a modern dietary supplement with a complex mechanism of action, based on highly potent natural substances. The product has thermogenic properties, regulates metabolism and speeds up the removal of subcutaneous fluid, thereby reducing body fat quickly and effectively.

The manufacturer divided the composition of Finaflex PX Ultra into two basic, synergistic complexes. It consists of thermogenic-energy base enriched with a complex that regulates metabolic processes. The supplement contains:

Ilex guayusaleaf powder – derived from the same plant species as the popular shrub Ilex paraguariensis, namely yerba mate. It is alleged to have numerous benefits – it has strong antioxidant, stimulant and also relaxing properties. It contains a complex of indispensable amino acids and that is why it supports nutrition and detoxification processes. Like its counterpart, it is rich in L-theanine, found also in green tea, and different methylxanthine derivatives.

Caffeine – the most popular methylxanthine, is an elementary and essential ingredient of every nootropic supplement. First of all, it stimulates the central nervous system and penetrates easily into the brain where it dislodges adenosine from its receptors, thereby leading to their blockage. Adenosine biosynthesis is induced in situations that are stressful for the body. This compound is largely responsible for a feeling of fatigue.

The next important feature of caffeine is its ability to bind to cAMP phosphodiesterase. This results in an increase in the production of endogenous catecholamines, in particular adrenaline, noradrenaline and acetylcholine. They stimulate energy processes, thereby reducing fatigue and insomnia while enhancing your focus. Caffeine and its metabolites helps accelerate lipolysis and glycolysis, consequently releasing stored energy.

Theobroma cacao extract – contains naturally theobromine, is a competitive inhibitor of cAMP phosphodiesterase. Like cAMP phosphodiesterase, theobromine induces processes of synthesis of biogenic amines from L-DOPA whose final products include the valuable dopamine. It has been shown that it is capable of decreasing cortisol levels. Theobromine does not penetrate into the brain, so it acts mainly in the periphery, dilating bronchi and encouraging diuresis and thermogenic processes, which leads to an increase in efficiency and also weight loss

Green tea extract (standardised to contain 60% EGCG) – a concentrated extract, containing primarily EGCG, which is epigallocatechin gallate, a strong antioxidant and most importantly a compound that regulates lipid metabolism. It reduces the sensitivity of body cells to fatty acids, thereby limiting their absorption. It reduces levels of serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and also induces lipolytic processes.

L-teanina – found in rich amounts in green tea and lex guayusa, an amino acid and glycine derivative. It has been shown to influence alpha brain waves by regulating the function of synapses and neurotransmitters, promotes the sensitivity of GABAergic receptors to endogenous ligands and exerts both a stimulant and sedative effect. Despite of its nootropic properties, it helps thus fall into a deep and peaceful sleep, improving processes of post-workout recovery.

Theacrine – tested and patented as TeaCrine®, a ketone derivative of methylxanthines, naturally synthesised from caffeine, found in green tea leaves. It has an analogous but milder effect. Nonetheless, it is released and effective much longer. The body develops tolerance to it very slowly, which makes it effective in long-term supplementation, especially in combination with theobromine and caffeine.

Paradoxine® – the proprietary ethanol extract from seeds of Aframomum melegueta, standardised to contain minimum 12.5% active aframols (including the most potent 6-paradol and 6-gingerol). These compounds induce the conversion of white adipose tissue (WAT) into quickly burning, mitochondria-rich brown adipose tissue (BAT), consequently stimulating physiological breakdown of body fat.

Purple Chrysanthemum extract (4:1) – one gram of the extract of this plant of the Chrysanthemum family equals to 4 grams of the plant raw material. Chrysants contain sesquiterpene lactones, including the characteristic parthenolide. It binds to 5-HT receptors, consequently boosting serotonin production. In addition, it helps release catecholamines, thereby stimulanting the body. Flowers have a tonic effect and are rich in minerals: zinc, potassium, selenium and magnesium.

Yohimbe bark extract – obtained from the trees of Pausinystalia yohimbe whose effects are due to the content of yohimbine, a popular and widely used indole alkaloid. It is a strong slimming agent, regulates lipolytic processes and accelerates thermogenesis even in small doses. It is recommended to persons who struggle with the accumulation of persistent fat in any kind of obesity and during a fat-reducing diet.

Club Moss extract (standardised for 1% hyperzine) – the compound from this extract is an alkaloid which easily penetrates into the central nervous system where it functions as an inhibitor of cholinesterase and also increases acetylcholine levels It has been shown to have neuroprotective, diuretic and antioxidant properties.

To sum up, Finaflex PX Ultra is a dietary supplement targeted especially at athletes during a fat-reducing diet and persons who cannot cope in any way with excess body fat. Its complex mechanism of action combined with physical activity, both on workout and non-workout days, ensures the product’s efficacy.

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