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Sweet sauces and syrups are much-loved and extremely popular additions to dishes. They enrich the taste of various dishes, giving them a special aroma and making them moist. In addition, dishes decorated with sauce or syrup are visually appealing. Unfortunately, traditional sweet sauces and syrups usually provide a lot of calories and rather do not belong to healthy products. Fortunately, manufacturers of food products are going out towards the expectations of nutrition-conscious consumers and are offering various equivalents of classic sweet sauces and syrups in a low-calorie and healthier version.

Our offer includes a great variety of sauces and syrups with an extremely attractive, sweet taste. You can choose from dense and aromatic caramel, chocolate and fruit sauces. The offer also includes fantastic sugar-free syrups, which are available in many unique flavors. Fans of culinary experiments are warmly invited to try calorie-free whipped cream, which is ideal for a variety of healthy desserts.

All products offered in this category are characterized by low-calorie content. They are usually sugar-free but are sweet due to the use of sweeteners. The high quality and careful selection of ingredients are a guarantee of no chemical aftertaste. They can be eaten with pure pleasure and without fear of the figure.

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Zero Syrup Out of stock
Biotech Usa
4.68 €

Zero-calorie syrup in three delicious flavors: chocolate, strawberry, maple syrup.

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