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Citrulline is a non-protein amino acid which, together with ornithine and arginine, participates in the Krebs cycle. This cycle plays a very important role in our body system, as it leads to the conversion of toxic ammonia into harmless urea.

Citrulline is used as a supplement to reduce fatigue and muscle pain and to improve durability during the physical effort. This substance also contributes to the formation of arginine, which leads to the formation of nitric oxide (NO). In turn, NO has an influence on i.a. the so-called muscle hypertrophy (muscle pump), as it has an ability to expand the blood vessels, and to increase the blood flow through the muscles.

In our store, you will find the preparations containing citrulline. These supplements are especially recommended for people who want to improve their durability and relieve symptoms of fatigue, as well as improve the detoxification mechanisms of the body system. 

Citrulline, as the amino acid, supports more efficient synthesis of nitric oxide, which is an excellent means for minimizing shrinkage of blood vessels. The effect of this is to expand the arteries, faster blood flow and more efficient delivery of all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Citrulline is also a supplement which intensifies the synthesis of creatine and in combination with malic acid it produces significant energy deposits, resulting in greater muscle and aerobic strength. It should also be noted that citrulline malate works synergistically with various forms of arginine and this combination gives the most effective results.

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Top-quality source of citrulline promoting muscle pump and training performance.

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Top-quality source of citrulline promoting muscle pump and training performance.

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Citrulline Malate Long-term out of stock
Biotech Usa
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Comfortable form of tasty powder. Stimulates nitric oxide synthesis in the organism.

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