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Coleus Forskohlii Coleus Forskohlii 400mg 60 caps.
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Coleus Forskohlii 400mg 60 caps.

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  • Natural preparation supporting adipose tissue breakdown
  • Positive influence on the cardiovascular system
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
  • Stimulation of the pancreas to insulin secretion
  • Increase of gastric enzyme secretion
  • Increase of muscle anabolism
  • Regulation of glucose level in blood
  • Decrease of pressure in the eye ball
  • Optimization of the lipid profile
  • Stimulation of testosterone synthesis
  • Alleviation of allergic reactions
  • Inhibition of fat synthesis
  • Reduction of cortisol level
  • Intensification of lipolysis
  • Stimulation of thermogenesis
  • Increase of fertility

Swanson Coleus Forskohlii is a natural dietary supplement containing a powdered root of Indian coleus (Coleus forskohlii), containing a considerable amount of forskolin, which supports adipose tissue reduction and positively influences the work of the cardiovascular system.

Indian coleus (Plectranthus barbatus syn. Coleus forskohlii) is a plant used for ages in Ayurveda and traditional Hindu medicine. The properties stimulating adipose tissue reduction have caused that Indian coleus is so popular. Apart from this, it is also used in cardiovascular problems, digestive system ailments, obesity, respiratory system diseases, hypertension, glaucoma and psoriasis. The main active substance present in Indian coleus is forskolin, a compounds belonging to the group of diterpenes. The highest amounts of forskolin are found in the root of the plant.

The mechanism of activity of forskolin consists in the stimulation of adenylyl cyclase, as a result of direct influence on this enzyme. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the transformation of ATP into cAMP (cyclic AMP, cyclic adenosine-3′,5′-monophosphate). Cyclic AMP is a universal secondary carrier of information, which takes part in many biochemical reactions and influences the activity of many genes. It activates protein kinase A, which phosphorylates proteins. Protein phosphorylation conditions their physiological activity.

The growth of the level of cAMP causes activization of hormone-sensitive cholesterol lipase (HSL), which catalyzes reactions of hydrolysis of acylglycerols, cholesterol esters and other steroids. It causes i.a. the release of free fatty acids from acylglycerols, which constitute energy reservoir in the organism. Inhibiting the synthesis of lipids in adipocytes (cells of yellow adipose tissue) and intensification of lipolysis results in decreasing the amount of fatty tissue.

cAMP takes part not only in the processes of lipolysis, but also participates in glucose breakdown, gluconeogenesis, ketogenesis, the release of insulin by the pancreas and many other biochemical processes.

Forskolin may increase the level of free testosterone in men, which is reported in experimental studies from 2006. The increase of testosterone concentration increases anabolic potential of the organism, stimulates the creation of muscle tissue and degradation of adipose tissue. It also positively influences the organism’s endurance and muscle strength. Forskolin may therefore facilitate building muscle mass and shaping the body.

Forskolin is used in case of ailments, which are caused by low level of intracellular cAMP. Such diseases are i.a. psoriasis, hypertension and obesity. Moreover, forskolin demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties, limits platelet aggregation, minimizes the risk of clots and causes the decrease of excessive blood pressure, as a result of a relaxing effect on smooth muscles of blood vessels. Therefore, positive influence on the cardiovascular system is indicated.

To sum up, Swansol Coleus Forskohlii is a dietary supplement, supporting the process of fatty tissue reduction in a natural and safe way. It constitutes very good support in building silhouette, facilitating the growth of lean body mass. It is especially recommended to people who train and aim at developing an athletic body, to people with excess weight and obesity and also in order to increase organism’s efficiency and condition.

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