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Savory sauces are an addition without which it is difficult to imagine a delicious dish. They are an ideal carrier of flavors, giving the dishes a strong, intense flavor, or, on the contrary, softening and toning the distinctive flavor of the ingredients used to prepare the dish. In addition, they easily combine different ingredients, making the final dish moist and tasteful.  The most popular savory sauces are certainly mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. Unfortunately, each of them is a real "calorie bomb", which is why people who care about the health and a nice figure live in the belief that they have to give such products a wide berth.

Lovers of expressive and spicy flavors can choose from a whole range of replacements for classic savory sauces. The offer includes alternatives for ketchup and mustard, popular barbecue sauces, as well as various garlic and herbal dressings, fancy thousand island dressing and many, many more. Compared to the market counterparts, they have much fewer calories, are free of sugar and other controversial additives. They are perfect for ready-made meals, but they can also be used as a marinade for meats. You can reach for them without remorse and fears about your figure.

Thanks to cooperation with renowned food producers, we can offer you the highest quality products. They taste great and do not harm your health. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and we strongly encourage you to culinary experiments using the products available in this category.

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Biotech Usa
4.58 €

Savory sauces with reduced energy value. Excellent taste and aroma of the most popular sauces.

Kinder Ketchup Out of stock
2.73 €

Organic ketchup for children. Mild in taste, sweetened with apple concentrate.

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Zero Sauce Out of stock
4.33 €

Aromatic, low-calorie dessert sauce. No sugar, no fat.

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3.21 €

Creamy peanut sauce prepared from roasted peanuts.

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Classic Sauce Out of stock
Got7 Nutrition
4.11 €

Delicious savory sauces with reduced calorie value. Great taste without worrying about the calories.

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Zero Sauce Out of stock
Franky's Bakery
5.50 €

Delicious dry sauce for meat dishes, which allows to reduce calories.

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Passata tomato sauce Out of stock
Alce Nero
2.06 €

A thick, natural sauce based on fresh, organic tomatoes. A great addition to Italian fit dishes.

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