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Workout gloves are a simple way to improve workout comfort and reduce the risk of injury. They guarantee stronger, firm grip as well as prevent sweating hands from sliding on equipment. Moreover, they protect the skin from abrasions and painful blisters. Some models go beyond that and provide support for the wrist as well – they are usually equipped with a strap that can be wrapped around the wrist to stabilise it. Workout gloves are becoming more and more popular among people who do strength training, exercises based on their own body weight (such as pull-ups, calisthenics), and martial arts.

Our store offers a wide range of workout gloves. Our assortment includes gloves for both men and women. All models are characterised by top-quality, sturdiness and durability. They will prove excellent in any conditions and make your life better for a long time.

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High-quality training gloves Prevent abrasions and calluses.

Fitness One Gloves Long-term out of stock
9.17 €

Gloves in blue for women training fitness. Made of high quality materials.

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