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Ginseng ("the root of life") is a popular plant which is known for its positive influence on the majority of the organs in our body system. Its active substances, called ginsenosides, show adaptogenic properties, which means that they allow the body system to adapt to the conditions resulting from the influence of oxidative stress in the cells. Regularly used, ginseng has stimulating and energizing properties, it helps to increase the intellectual and physical capabilities as well as increases the resistance to stress.

It effectively increases not only the intellectual but also physical abilities. It is often used to reduce exhaustion and weakening. It effectively prevents fatigue, adds energy and increases resistance to stress. Ginseng is especially recommended for exhausted people, both mentally and physically, patients after severe diseases and past operations and for the elderly people. It helps to delay the aging processes and thanks to that it allows you to stay active until late age.

This adaptogen is very common and generally well tolerated. It is a component of numerous simple and complex preparations containing only the extract from the ginseng root. While choosing the supplements, it is worth noting that you choose preparations containing raw ginseng root and with the standardized content of ginsenosides. Only then you will be able to benefit from the full activity and bioavailability of this plant. 

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Optimum dose of active substances, supporting vitality and keeping up systemic homeostasis.

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Natural supplement that increases stress resistance and supports nervous system.

6.33 €

Effective dose of eleutherosides that support nervous, sexual and immune functions.

Siberian Ginseng Available soon
Apollo's Hegemony

Improves psychophysical capacity. Enhances well-being and vitality boost.

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