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Mixes of Aphrodisiacs are multi-component compositions consisting of a few or a dozen herbs, showing a positive effect on the sexual condition and the level of libido. They combine extracts from plants that show synergy, which is why they are usually stronger and more effective than mono-preparations based on one component.

Preparations offered in this category increase the sex drive and the sensitivity to stimuli, and thus reinforce the sensations coming from the close-ups. They also have a positive effect on sexual performance, which usually results in stronger and longer lasting erections and quicker readiness for another intercourse.

Mixes of aphrodisiacs are especially recommended for people who are struggling with the weakening of sex drive. They will work ideally when the drop in libido has no apparent cause or medical justification and results from an unhygienic lifestyle, excessive stress, fatigue or overtraining. In such cases, the preparations offered in this category may be an alternative to pharmacologic agents containing sildenafil.

Our offer includes a rich selection of blends aimed at strengthening the libido. They are based on plants that for centuries have been regarded as strong aphrodisiacs, whereas their properties have been confirmed in numerous clinical trials. The synergism of action and the richness of bioactive compounds determine their effectiveness and efficiency. Importantly, the offer includes the products suitable for both men and women.

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Testosterone booster based on natural plant sterols. It regulates the levels of testosterone and estrogen.

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