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Creatine malate is a compound of three creatine molecules bound to a malic acid molecule. Such combination allows you to enjoy maximum benefits from both substances, involved in intracellular energy metabolism.

Creatine is a tripeptide synthesised in the liver which is abundant in tissues with high energy requirements (nervous and muscle tissue). Its phosphorylated form is used in muscle cells for ATP regeneration, especially during anaerobic metabolism (strength training). Due to a high anabolic index, it helps gain lean muscle mass. As an intermediate in the Krebs cycle, malic acid takes part in cellular aerobic respiration which occurs, e.g. during aerobic exercises (running, swimming and cycling).

Compared to monohydrate, i.e. the most popular form of creatine, creatine malate causes less water retention and does not lead to any digestive discomfort. In addition, this form has higher chemical stability and better tissue bioavailability. 

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Creatine malate supplement - aids shaping the athletic physique. Supports muscular endurance.

Biotech Usa
15.83 €

Creatine malate. It improves physical efficiency and intensifies the increase of muscle strength and power.

TCM Mega Caps 1100 Long-term out of stock
from 3.93 €

Creatine malate in capsules. It supports anabolism, speeds up recuperation and reduces fatigue.

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