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Adam Softgels Adam Softgels 90 softgels
Now Foods
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Adam Softgels

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  • Provides most absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals
  • Prevents diseases
  • Improves internal organ health
  • Supports male fertility and protects prostate
  • Regulates lipid metabolism
  • Easy-to-swallow gel capsules
  • Supports body functioning
  • Protects against free radicals
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Speeds up metabolism

NOW FOODS Adam Softgels is a universal supplement, rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimal body functioning. It also includes numerous substances with health-promoting effects. This product contains many components that maintain homeostasis in the human body and promote internal organ health.

This supplement provides nutrients, that are very often missing in a daily diet and its regular use results in improved well-being, increased metabolic processes and raised immunity. It also protects cells from free radicals and slows down the aging process. Due to the presence of components that positively affect prostate this product is especially recommended for men (but not exclusively).

The product contains:

Vitamin complex including A,D,E,K vitamins plus B vitamins. Vitamins are substances that must necessarily be supplied from the outside (human body does not produce them alone). They fulfil a number of functions, i.e.: enable the action of enzymes, regulate hormonal balance and metabolism of macronutrients, support the work of cells and are involved in many biochemical processes.

Both, an excess and deficiency of vitamins have negative health consequences, and their deficiencies are most often caused by the wrong diet. Vitamins contained in this supplement are in an easily assimilable form, and in an optimal dose, what guarantees their effectiveness.

Set of minerals including calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and potassium has a positive impact on body condition. Some of them (i.e.: calcium, magnesium) occur in larger quantities and apart from acting in multidirectional way on the micro scale (i.e.: calcium contributes to proper blood clotting, and magnesium combines ribosome subunits), they also have building functions.

The biggest amounts of calcium and magnesium are in bones and teeth. Other elements contained in this supplement occur in the body in smaller quantities, but their role is also very important. For example, iodine is related to the thyroid hormone production, zinc positively influences skin, hair and nails condition, and selenium supports the immune system.

It should be remembered that vitamins and macro- and micronutrients demand may change in some medical condition and physiological conditions (i.e.: pregnancy and lactation). What is more, vitamins shortage may be caused not only by the wrong diet, but also by the insufficient sun exposure, that is necessary for vitamin D formation. This product contains a rich set of vitamins and minerals, preventing the negative effects of their shortage.

Palm Sabal (Saw Palmetto), extract, phytosterols and grape seed extract provide polyunsaturated plant fats that dissolve fat-soluble vitamins like: A, D, E and K. They are also essential for the synthesis of biologically important compounds, such as prostaglandins, and can positively affect the lipid metabolism, reducing total cholesterol and regulating HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.

Vitamin-like substances that are contained in this supplement, i.e.: alpha-lipoic acid, choline and inositol are only slightly synthesized by the human body, so it is necessary to supplement them or provide them with food.

Choline and inositol play a key role in intercellular communication. Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for skeletal muscles contraction, and circulatory and muscular system functioning. Inositol regulates hormones action, it is a sperm ingredient and a substrate for the synthesis of secondary messengers that determine gonadoliberin and thyrotropin action.

Alpha-lipoic acid helps in many ailments, including hypertension and autoimmune diseases. In addition, it has antioxidant properties and protects against free radicals while enhancing other antioxidants (i.e.: vitamins C and E) regeneration.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is a compound found in plant mitochondria and animal cells. It is responsible for transport of electrons in the last stage of cellular respiration and is crucial for energy production. Its supplementation is recommended especially to people with an increased physical and mental exertion.

Coenzyme Q10 presents antioxidant activity, stimulates metabolism and slows down the aging process. It also supports heart health and the immune system. Unfortunately, the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the body decreases with age.

Lutein and lycopene are carotenoids from one of the most important groups of natural pigments. These substances are particularly important for men. Lutein positively affects male fertility and muscle growth, while lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Both substances have an antioxidant effect and are good for eye health.

Summing up, NOW FOODS Adam Softgels is a universal supplement that contains numerous vitamins, minerals and compounds. The rich set of ingredients strengthens the body and improves well-being and raises immunity. Easy-to-swallow, gel capsules make this product very convenient to use.

Directions for use
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Nutrition facts
per portion (2 softgels)amount%DV
Vitamin A (60% as Beta-Carotene and 40% as Retinyl Palmitate)10,000 IU200%
Vitamin C (from Calcium Ascorbate)250 mg417%
Vitamin D-3 (as Cholecalciferol)1,000 IU250%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopherol )150 IU500%
Vitamin K (as Menaquinone and Phytonadione)80 mcg100%
Thiamin (Vit. B-1) (from Thiamin HCl)25 mg1667%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2)25 mg1471%
Niacin (Vitamin B-3)(as Niacinamide)35 mg175%
Vitamin B-6 (from Pyridoxine HCl and Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P-5-P))25 mg1250%
Folate (as Folic acid)400 mcg100%
Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin)120 mcg2000%
Biotin300 mcg100%
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5) (from Calcium Pantothenate )50 mg500%
Calcium (from Cal. Ascorbate, Aquamin® F Seaweed Derived Minerals and Calcium Pantothenate )55 mg6%
Iodine (from Potassium Iodide)225 mcg150%
Magnesium (from Magnesium Citrate and Aquamin® F Seaweed Derived Minerals)25 mg6%
Zinc (fromZinc Picolinate)15 mg100%
Selenium (from Selenium Glycinate Complex)200 mcg286%
Copper (from Copper Bisglycinate) (TRAACS®)500 mcg25%
Manganese (from Manganese Bisglycinate) (TRAACS®)2 mg100%
Chromium (from Chromium Chelavite®) (TRAACS®)120 mcg100%
Molybdenum (from Molybdenum Bisglycinate) (TRAACS®)75 mcg100%
Potassium (from Potassium Chloride)25 mg< 1%
Saw Palmetto Extract (Berry) (Serenoa repens) (min. 85% Fatty Acids)160 mg
Phytosterols (Plant Sterols) (with Beta-Sitosterol)50 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid25 mg
Choline (from Choline Bitartrate)25 mg
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)25 mg
Inositol10 mg
CoQ10 (as Ubiquinone)10 mg
Lycopene (LYC-O-MATO®) (from Natural Tomato Extract)3 mg
Lutein (FloraGLO®) (from Marigold Flowers)500 mcg
*-Daily value

Softgel Capsule (bovine gelatin, glycerin, water, carob), Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Beeswax and Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) (Bark) Oil.


Additional information
Container size: 90 softgelsServing size: 2 softgelsServings per container: 45
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