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Iso Whey Zero Iso Whey Zero 500g
Biotech Usa
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Iso Whey Zero

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Sugar free
No gluten
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  • Supplement based on whey protein isolate
  • Enriched with BCAA and glutamine
  • Easily digested and rapidly absorbed
  • Less than 0,5 g of sugar per serving
  • Free from lactose and gluten

Biotech Iso Whey Zero is a high-quality protein supplement for the most demanding. It is free from lactose, gluten and palm oil.It contains high-quality whey protein isolate enriched with glutamine and BCAA amino acids.

The supplement is based on whey protein isolate. This whey fraction has a high biological value and is the most valued by specialists. It is distinguished by an excellent aminogram and optimal absorption rate. It is estimated that amino acids from it appear in the bloodstream after only about thirty minutes. An additional advantage of the isolate is its easy digestibility.

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Very good isolate. Solubility so that I can mix it with a spoon and there are no lumps. The flavor of vanilla, caffe late and coconut are mega. I haven't tried any of the others
02/07/2021 Maciej

It is enriched with BCAA amino acids and glutamine. These amino acids are especially important for people building muscle mass and for hard-training athletes who want to achieve effective post-workout regeneration.

The supplement is free from lactose, gluten and palm oil. It is perfect for people who are intolerant to milk sugar and avoiding gluten.

Great taste. It is available in many flavours, and the composition of each has been carefully thought out and refined perfectly. It gives great solubility of the powder which combines perfectly with water and vegetable drinks, allowing you to obtain a perfectly smooth and creamy texture, free from the smallest lumps.

The supplement is an ideal way to increase the proportion of protein in the diet. Athletes are the most likely to use it because they have an increased demand for protein. However, a protein supplement can also be a good option for people following a high-protein or even a weight-loss diet. Gourmets claim that a portion of the deliciously sweet supplement can replace a dessert, covering the sweet carvings.

In conclusion, Biotech Iso Whey Zero is a tasty, easily digestible and lactose-free protein supplement. It is ideal for people who need high-quality products. Recommended for athletes and people following high protein diets as an additional source of protein.

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