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Veggie Protein Complex Veggie Protein Complex 500g
21.10 €

Veggie Protein Complex 500g

Min. expiration date: 2026-03

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  • Contains the protein derived from pea, brown rice and pumpkin seeds
  • Helps to supplement daily reference value for protein
  • An excellent nutritional supplement for vegans and vegetarians
  • High content of BCAA amino acids
  • Contains only plant sources of protein
  • Supports building of muscle mass
  • Ensures an optimal aminogram
  • The package contains 28 portions
  • Sweetened with xylitol and stevia
  • Contains no soy and dairy products
  • 20 g of protein in 1 serving
  • Promotes anabolism

Olimp Veggie Protein Complex is a protein supplement containing up to three sources of plant protein - peas, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. Ideally suited for vegans and vegetarians as well as people who have problems with digesting animal-origin protein.

Protein is the basic building material not only for muscles. The protein also builds connective tissue, organs or is used to produce hormones. An adequate supply of this macronutrient in a diet supports anabolic processes and improves muscle regeneration. The amino acids, from which the protein is built, help to rebuild and strengthen the muscle tissue, which is damaged also during efforts such as running, cycling or swimming. Therefore, contrary to the popular opinion, they have to be used not only by the regular gym goers but also by people who perform prolonged efforts.

The protein demand increases with increased physical activity, especially during resistance training. The optimal supply of protein in a diet also depends on the musculature advancement, the more the musculature, the bigger protein needs.

It is also worth noting the positive impact of protein supply during reduction of body fat. Protein is a macronutrient with a high satiety index, which effectively helps to maintain the assumptions of the diet. In addition, an adequate protein supply protects against catabolism, the process of breakdown of muscle proteins into single amino acids (people who are in a caloric deficit are particularly vulnerable). Catabolism leads to a decrease in muscle mass and deterioration of body composition.

People who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet often have problems with providing the right amount of protein. This preparation will help them to supplement their daily supply of protein - one serving provides 20g of high-quality plant-origin protein. The manufacturer focused on three sources of amino acids and used the proteins of pea, brown rice and pumpkin seeds. This combination ensures the supply of all essential amino acids, including BCAAs, i.e. branched chain amino acids.

BCAAs promote anabolic processes and protect muscles from disintegration. The BCAAs consists of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is an amino acid whose high level in the bloodstream promotes anabolic processes and the synthesis of muscle proteins, regardless of the level of other amino acids. However, besides the BCAA amino acids, building of muscle mass requires also the rest of the essential amino acids (EAA), which are also found in the supplement’s content.

Carefully selected plant ingredients that provide an appropriate aminogram are not any worse qualitywise to animal products. The usefulness of protein supplements composed of plant-derived proteins will also be appreciated by people who have problems digesting milk proteins or allergies to dairy products. The advantage of plant-derived proteins is also a low content of sugars and fats in the product, which facilitates digestion and accelerates the absorption of amino acids.

Pea protein – rich in all essential amino acids, out which only one occurs in limited amounts – methionine, and a high content of BCAA amino acids. In addition, one study comparing the intake of whey protein with pea protein showed significantly higher gains in people consuming plant-based protein.

Brown rice protein – has a high content of methionine, therefore it blends seamlessly with pea protein and provides a high-quality mix. It also has a high content of glutamine, which supports the regeneration of muscle tissue.

Pumpkin seed protein – supplies large amounts of leucine, arginine, and proline. It provides a stimulus for the growth of muscles and connective tissues included in the tendons and ligaments.

The selected plant sources of proteins provide an appropriate aminogram, guaranteeing the effectiveness of activity and obtaining the desired effects. It has both high amounts of BCAA and EAA amino acids.

In conclusion, Olimp Veggie Protein Complex is a mix of three plant protein sources that complement each other creating a high quality product. The product contains essential amino acids and high amounts of BCAAs. Recommended for vegans and vegetarians and people having problems with digesting milk proteins.

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