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Isolate 97% Isolate 97% 1000g
£ 26.71

Isolate 97% 1000g

Servings: 1000g
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  • High quality protein supplement with 100% whey protein isolate
  • Rapid gastrointestinal absorption
  • Supplements daily proteins demand
  • High in minerals
  • Up to 97% of protein!
  • High content of amino acids BCAA
  • Prevents muscle catabolism
  • Lactose and sugars free
  • Perfect after workout
  • Highly bioavailable source of protein
  • Low fat content
  • Natural taste 

Extensor Isolate 97% is a protein supplement containing as much as 100% whey protein. In 100g it provides 97% of protein characterized by high bioavailability, easy dissolution and rich in minerals that naturally occur in milk. Thanks to the advanced production process this product is lactose and other sugars free, and low in fat.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) - is obtained in an advanced process of selective ion exchange during which almost all the protein are isolated from whey. This supplement is lactose free and the fat content does not exceed 0.9g per 100g.

Protein supplement composed in this way is characterized by a high biological value which is  measured with the BV (Biological Value) scale. BV value for WPI is as high as 159, and it proves that the amino acids contained in the protein are easily absorbed in the body. This is the highest reported value for protein supplements. The BV index is also influenced by the high content of exogenous amino acids that have to be supplied with food.

This supplement is carbohydrate-free, contains minimal amount of fat, and its gastrointestinal absorption is extremely fast. The estimated time of its complete absorption is about one hour after consumption, what makes it perfect protein to be taken right after workout. Immediate delivery of protein after physical activity accelerates muscle regeneration and initiates anabolic processes.

Benefits of protein supplementation
Protein supplements help to replenish daily demand for proteins that are essential for regeneration processes and muscle growth. Increased protein intake in a diet shortens muscle regeneration time, reduces muscle damage and related to it delayed muscle soreness. Proteins are used to repair and regenerate not only muscle tissue, but also connective tissue that builds tendons and ligaments.

Muscle mass
Building up muscle mass is associated with the process of new muscle proteins (MPS) synthesis that depends i.e. on the protein intake from food. With adequate availability of all the essential amino acids it is possible to increase muscle cross-sectional area, that is hypertrophy. One of the most important amino acids in the context of MPS stimulation is leucine. Together with isoleucine and valine it is a part of the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). The producer introduced high content of exogenous amino acids into this supplement what increases its anabolic potential.

Fat reduction
Increased protein supply helps to maintain desired muscle mass, and that is why it is recommended for people who want to get rid of body fat. An extra portion of protein effectively reduces the activity of proteolytic enzymes which are responsible for muscle proteins breakdown into individual amino acids. An additional advantage of consuming more protein during reduction is an increased sense of satiety after a meal. It has been proved that high-protein meals helps to reduce the amount of calories consumed during the day.

Summing up, Extensor Isolate 97% is a high quality protein supplement composed of 100% whey protein isolate. This carbohydrate free and extremely low fat supplement is characterised by high biological value index and fast absorption time. It is a perfect form of protein to be taken immediately after workout as it effectively accelerates regeneration and intensifies anabolic processes.

Directions for use
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Container size: 1000 gServing size: 30 gServings per container: 33
per 100 gamount%DV
Energy value1587 kJ/379 kcal*
Proteinmin. 97 g*
Total Carbohydrate0 g*
Total Fatmax. 0.9 g*
Iron2 mg14%
Calcium125 mg15.6%
Magnesium25 mg6.25%

Other ingrednients

Sunflower lecithin.

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Energy value


The energy value is determined by the chemical composition of the food product, by means of the so-called. physiological equivalents energy., determining the value of metabolic energy contained in 1 g of the component. Most commonly used is the equivalent of Atwater: protein 4 kcal/g for carbohydrates 4kcal/g, and for fat 9kcal/g.




Proteins (proteins, polypeptides) is a polymer, of which the basic units (monomers) are amino acids. Protein is composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur, and is an elementary nutrient necessary for the proper functioning of the body, an ingredient and a component of tissues, part of the hormones and enzymes and other bioactive substances. Protein determines the proper metabolism and energy processes, as well as all other life processes. The sources of natural proteins are foods of animal origin (including meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) and plant origin (legumes, soy). Deficiency of protein leads to protein malnutrition and a significant weakening of the body. It can lead to anaemia, reduced immunity, muscle relaxation, disorders of the digestive system. Also, overdose protein is undesirable because it can lead to acidification of the body, and interfere with the digestive system and an increase in the concentration of homocysteine ​​in the blood. It is a component of many supplements and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, both showing a low physical activity, or training the strength and endurance competitions.
Dosage: strength athletes: approx. 1.7 - 2.5 g / 1 kg of body weight; endurance athletes and strength -endurance athletes approx. 1.3 - 2 g / 1 kg of body weight, people with low activity approx. 0.8 - 1.1 g / 1 kg of body weight / 24h. In estimating the amount of protein, you should take into account the intake of other nutrients (carbohydrates and fats)




Fat is an essential nutrient plant and animal organisms. Because of the nutritional value and composition of fats are divided into: saturated (mono-saturated and multi-saturated fatty acids) and unsaturated fatty acids (including essential fatty acids - EFA). The group of lipids include lipids (triacylglycerols, waxes), complex fats (glycolipids, phospholipids), sterols and isoprenoids. Saturated fatty acids is a group of fatty acids having different carbon chain lengths, in which except for the carboxyl group, each of the carbon atoms is bound by a single bond. May adversely affect the lipid profile, so they can be used in limited quantities. Fats are a concentrated source of energy, with different flavours, facilitating the consumption and swallowing of food. They have building functions (part of cell membranes and co-create the white matter of the brain). EFAs are precursors of tissue hormones and biologically active compounds. The unsaturated fatty acids include fatty acids from the group Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 (the last digit indicates, on which, counting of the end of the chain, there is a double bond in the appropriate carbon chain. The essential fatty acids include: acids, medium-Omega-3 [n-3 ] included in EFAs [essential fatty acids], and long chain (eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]) Omega-6 and Omega-9. the number indicates that the last double bond in the carbon chain is on the third from the end carbon atom. The acids from the omega 3 group are essential components of cell membranes, they are precursors of eicosanoids and biological activators. They must be combined with ingestion in suitable proportions of Omega-6 acids.
Dosage: Depending on demand and applied diet. It is generally accepted that fats should constitute 20-30% of the energy (calorie) of meals daily.




The iron part of the dye in the form of the heme (hemoglobin and myoglobin in meat), a non-haem (in plant), and enzymes responsible for transport and storage of oxygen in the body. It occurs in enzymes responsible for: the metabolism of fatty acids, prostaglandin biosynthesis, catabolism of tryptophan. The absorption of iron in plant is lower than in animal products. In plant foods, it is reduced by contained chemicals: phytates and oxalates, also calcium and high acidity (pH factor). Only 8% of the intake of iron is absorbed by the body and transported to the blood. For tts absorption is needed sufficient amount of: cobalt, manganese, copper and vitamin C. Iron itself is essential for the metabolism of B vitamins. Source of acquisition of iron are animal products (meat, organ meats, egg yolks) and plant products (whole grain bread, beans , cocoa, parsley, nuts, soy). Iron is also present in synthetic form as a component of vitamin-mineral and mineral and mono-preparation supplements, often enriched with vitamin C. Supplements containing iron compounds are recommended for athletes during intense training and those on a meatless diet (vegetarians and vegans).
Iron deficiency causes anaemia. Using a large amount of strong coffee or tea hinders the absorption of iron. Symptoms of iron deficiency are: insomnia, diarrhea, impaired body temperature, loss of papillae on the tongue, reduced exercise capacity, and reduced intellectual and psychological efficiency.
Excess iron reduces the absorption of other elements (e.g. zinc, copper), reduced immunity, causing tissue damage of some organs (kidney, liver, heart), increased risk of cancer.
Dosage: 3-12 mg per day.




Calcium (element chem. symbol Ca, atomic no. 20, the group of alkaline earth metals) is the basic building substance of bones and teeth, in which stored is 99% of the element, in the form of hydroxylapatite. When building bones and teeth, phosphorus is very important in the right proportion. It is a base-forming element and activator of many enzymes (ATPase) necessary to release the energy of ATP. It has a significant effect on blood clotting and regulates blood pressure and neuromuscular conductivity. Thanks to the reduced permeability of cell membranes, it soothes the symptoms of food allergies. Calcium is actively involved in the metabolism of iron interacts with vitamins A, C and D and phosphorus, magnesium. Natural source of calcium are animal products (dairy products, sardines, salmon, sprats eaten with bones) and plant products (nuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds). Absorption takes place in the small intestine (less in the colon), it has an effect on the level of lactose, insoluble fibre, organic acids, alkalinity (low pH). The best absorption have organic compounds (lactates, amino acid chelates etc.). Obstructing the absorption of calcium is caused by: phytic acid and oxalic acid as well as excess fat. Scientific studies have confirmed that the combination of calcium, magnesium, boron and vitamin D in dose 3 mg / 24h effectively prevent osteoporosis. Supplements on the market are both mono-preparation supplements (enriched with vitamin D3) and multi-component supplements, available at
Calcium deficiency disorders manifested in the construction of the bones (osteoporosis) and iron metabolism. The symptoms are: rickets, cramps and muscle tremor, osteoporosis.
Excess result
ing from an overdose of calcium supplements containing vitamin D3 for children and adults overdose of calcium (hypercalcemia). Symptoms of hypercalcemia are: lack of appetite, vomiting and constipation.
The dosage administered in various publications
are inconsistent: 800 - 1000 mg / 24 h (100 - 500 mg / 24h)



Magnesium (element from the group of alkaline earth metals, atomic no. 12, a chemical symbol - Mg), one of the most important health microelements, participates in the synthesis process of the disintegration of high energy compounds and processes of transformation of hydrocarbons and fats. It affects the dilation of blood vessels and lower blood pressure, prevents hypercoagulable state. Shortages affect cardiac arrhythmias, malignant muscle cramps, insomnia and anxiety. It is a component of many dietary supplements and found in foods such as whole grain bread, legumes, buckwheat, rice, fish, meat, as well as chocolate, cocoa and nuts.
Dosage of 100 - 500 mg / day

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