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L-Theanine is a natural chemical compound belonging to non-protein amino acids. It is produced in trace amounts in the human body, and its best external source is green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis species. In terms of chemical structure, L-theanine is reminiscent of glutamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Theanine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and promotes the generation of alpha brain waves. They are associated with a sense of inner balance and happiness, but at the same time allow maintenance of a clear mind, focus, and ease at acquiring knowledge. This makes theanine an excellent agent in situations of increased stress, which impedes concentration and reduces mental performance. Besides, theanine works well in people who suffer from insomnia without causing drowsiness, but due to the relaxing effect, it shortens the latency and improves the quality of sleep.

Our store's offer includes a wide selection of preparations with theanine. The supplements containing SunTheanine® formula protected by forty different patents are are particularly interesting. The formula is obtained in the fermentation process, imitating natural biochemical reactions occurring in the plant, which is why it will supposedly work faster and more effectively.

Here is an interesting fact for coffee lovers. People who are particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine, i.e. they feel too excited or irritated, may be tempted to include preparations with theanine into their supplementation. It perfectly tolerates the side effects of caffeine and strengthens the positive aspects of its action.


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Apollo's Hegemony
16.07 €

Introduces the state of relaxation without sleepiness effects; effectively reduces anxiety and panic attacks.

Apollo's Hegemony
11.41 €

A synergistic combination of caffeine and L-theanine to support peak energy and concentration levels.

8.15 €

L-theanine without unnecessary additives in the optimal amount of 200 mg per capsule.

9.06 €

L-theanine in vegetable capsules. Provides relaxation and stress relief. Promotes effective learning.

L-Theanine Plus Out of stock
6.14 €

L-theanine enriched with inositol. Promotes feelings of relaxation and increases resistance to stress.

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L-Theanine 100mg Out of stock
Life Extension
20.72 €

Dietary supplement improving mood. It reduces nervous tension and supports memory.

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Theanine Out of stock
Jarrow Formulas
14.44 €

Dietary supplement improving mood. It reduces nervous tension and supports memory.

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