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Monster LH44 Monster LH44 500 ml
Monster Beverage Corporation
1.75 €

Monster LH44 500 ml

Min. expiration date: 2025-03
Shipping weight: 700g
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  • Excellent, light and refreshing energy drink
  • Formula developed with in the cooperation with Lewis Hamilton
  • Contains caffeine, taurine and B vitamins
  • Helps to maintain high energy levels

Monster Energy LH44 is a cult energy drink in a completely new flavour. Its recipe was developed with the participation of Lewis Hamilton himself, a British racing driver and seven-time Formula 1 world champion. Such cooperation could result in only one - a great tasting and effective energy drink.

Keep up the pace
The world is full of challenges, and meeting them requires peak physical and mental condition. Many people are wondering how to keep up the pace and not fall behind in the daily race for success. Who can know more about speed than Lewis Hamilton? No wonder that the creators of Monster Energy invited him to cooperate in designing a new version of their staple energy drink.

This is how the legend was born - LH44. Designers of the drink convince that it is the fastest Monster in history. It is a powerful stimuli hit and helps in maintaining high productivity throughout the whole day. When others slow down and fall off the pace, you can still push ahead!

How this is possible? This is thanks to precisely selected ingredients. An effective dose of caffeine stimulates the nervous system, reduces the feeling of sleepiness and contributes to an increase in energy levels. Possible side effects, which may appear after taking too much caffeine, is counteracted by the taurine present in the composition. It is also worth noting the presence of B vitamins, which are extremely important for the optimal functioning of the nervous system and maintaining proper psychological functions.

In conclusion, Monster Energy LH44 is the energy drink resulting from the collaboration with Lewis Hamilton, and the outcome just had to be great! It is a masterful drink in every aspect. It is really second to none, just like Lewis himself!

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