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Gold Beef Pro-Tein Gold Beef Pro-Tein 700g
27.04 €

Gold Beef Pro-Tein 700g

Shipping weight: 850g
Sugar free

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WPC EcoNo 750g
WPC EcoNo 750g
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  • The mix of beef protein and amino acids
  • Enriched with L-arginine and L-glutamine
  • Extremely fast absorption rate
  • An ideal complementation of the diet
  • Limits the muscle catabolism
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps in muscle regeneration
  • Increases the muscle pump
  • Intensifies the anabolic reactions
  • Lactose-free

BioTech USA Beef Protein is a special protein nutrient, which contains the peptide formula of hydrolyzed beef protein, enriched with amino acids. This formulation possesses an excellent solubility as well as a great taste, and at the same time it provides an easy to digest animal protein of high quality. It is practically deprived of other macroelements, as well as lactose, to which many people are allergic.

The benefits coming from the high proportion of protein in the athlete’s diet
For physically active people, a high supply of proteins is a key element of the diet, both during the period of building strength, dynamics or muscle mass, as well as during the reduction or losing of the weight to a certain limit. Proteins as the building blocks of muscle tissues significantly affects the speed of regeneration, therefore, for people training it is recommended to use a diet containing a minimum of 1.6g/kg of body weight during the day. An increased amount of this macroelement enables efficient reconstruction of structures within the movement apparatus that have been damaged during training, which is a direct condition for recording a progression regardless of the sports discipline. However, during weight reduction, the high protein supply ensures a feeling of satiety longer than other nutrients. In addition, the increased intake of good quality proteins stimulates the organism through metabolic pathways to maintain as much muscle mass as possible, despite the deficit.

Beef protein hydrolyzate is an extraordinary type of protein nutrition, the composition of which contains the proteins contained in the beef, which underwent a pre-treatment, in this case it being hydrolysis. This means that they have went through initial decomposition into smaller constituent molecules called peptides. Naturally, this process needs to be performed by the organism in order to be able to use proteins as an energy source or use them as a building material. Because of the enzymatic hydrolysis, the process of assimilation of amino acids which build proteins happens extremely quickly. The efficient delivery of good quality proteins to the organism is extremely important in situations where there is an increased demand for this macroelement, which occurs, among others, after training or after waking up. Because of that, it is possible to counteract the reactions of muscle catabolism, which may occur as a result of night fasting or effort.

L-arginine is an endogenic amino acid, which hold a different kind of role than most of the compounds in the same group, since it is an agent for stimulating the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO). A high level of this substance causes an increased muscle pump, i.e. increased muscle blood supply. This condition is desirable among people exercising not only because of a more full and veined muscle appearance. Due to the increased flow of blood through the tissues, their nutrition is intensified and the access to oxygen is increased. The phenomenon of the muscle pump has a beneficial influence on the exercise capacity of the muscles, which are provided with larger amounts of substances necessary for work. What is more, greater access to energy substrates also ensures a faster post-workout regeneration, which in turn allows for more frequent trainings and accelerated process of muscle tissue development.

L-glutamine is another endogenic amino acid, the natural synthesis of which could be severely too low, especially in the case of physically active people or being ill and with lowered immunity. This substance is present almost throughout the whole organism, which is caused by the high importance of L–glutamine in many organism’s systems. First of all, it supports detoxification processes and reduces the amount of free radicals in the organism. Secondly, L–glutamine intensifies immunity through sealing the intestinal barrier and improving the nutrition of cells that are actively involved in the immune response reaction. Thirdly, it intensifies the synthesis of muscle proteins by promoting a positive nitrogen balance in the organism, which is an incentive for the muscles to hypertrophy, i.e. growth. The high supply of glutamine supports the organism in a multidirectional manner, which is why this product has been supplemented with this amino acid.

To sum up, BioTech USA Beef Protein is an exceptional formulation that contains more than 85% of protein originating from beef, which is extremely fast absorbed by the organism, without burdening the digestive system. This supplement supports the regenerative processes of the organism, helps in building the muscle tissue, improves the blood supply of the muscles and can have a beneficial influence of the immunity.

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