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Triple Magnesium Complex 400mg Triple Magnesium Complex 400mg 300 caps.
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Triple Magnesium Complex 400mg 300 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2027-01
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  • As many as three forms of magnesium for optimal assimilability
  • 1 portion covers almost 100% of the daily magnesium demand
  • Promotes the maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • Helps to preserve good mental performance
  • May counteract muscle cramps
  • Shows a positive effect on the mood
  • Supports neurotransmission

Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex is a dietary supplement containing as many as three forms of the highest-quality magnesium, characterized by high biostability and excellent assimilability. Moreover, one capsule covers 95% of the daily demand for this micronutrient.

Magnesium belongs to micronutrients and plays an extremely important role in the human body. Above all, it participates in about 300 metabolic reactions within the system, but it is also an extremely important element for maintaining proper nerve transmission i.e., blood pressure. In addition, it is part of the bone tissue, which is why its high concentration allows the maintenance of normal physical properties of the bones.

Nowadays, a significant part of society is struggling with magnesium deficiencies, which are the consequences of improper diet, impoverished food products or increased demand for this element. Besides, many people who use a healthy diet are not able to absorb the right amount of magnesium due to the intake of substances that impair its absorption (such as coffee, oxalates, phytates) or genetic defects. Another substance which hinders its absorption is alcohol in any form. What is worse, the symptoms of deficiency can be seriously disturbing, thus affecting normal functioning and lowering the comfort of life.

In the long run, magnesium deficiencies lower mental performance, affect the well-being and impair the functioning of the digestive system. The consequence of this may also be arterial hypertension or cardiac arrhythmia. Athletes, in turn, may find most disturbing, apart from common muscle cramps, a decrease in muscle strength associated with a weaker ability to contraction.

The most convenient and the most effective way to replenish the deficiencies, and thus reduce the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, is magnesium supplementation. Regular intake of this product, thanks to excellent forms of micronutrient, enables a rapid increase of magnesium concentrations without the necessity of drastic changes in the diet.

In summary, Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which is a set of the best forms of magnesium available on the market. The product is intended for people who want to avoid or who already struggle with magnesium deficiencies.

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