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Leucine is one of the branched-chain amino acids colloquially known as BCAA (branched-chain amino acid). In the light of the latest scientific reports, most of the benefits attributed to BCAA amino acids result directly from the systemic activity of leucine. It is leucine that is responsible for triggering a cascade of biochemical processes aimed at initiating and intensifying muscle anabolism. It is also a powerful stimulator of the synthesis of the entire array of compounds with anabolic-catabolic potential. These include, for example, insulin, testosterone, growth hormone or insulin-like growth factor. In addition, this amino acid is an effective transporter of nutrients to muscle cells.

Owing to these properties, leucine has an established position in sports supplementation. It is recommended for people wanting to develop muscle mass, improve strength and endurance parameters and enhance post-workout regeneration processes. Leucine will also be a good choice for those seeking to change their body composition and reduce body fat. Administered in the form of a supplement, leucine promotes burning of body fat and protects against its deposition. Researchers emphasize that leucine can significantly reduce the risk of developing obesity due to an inadequate diet.


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Leucine Powder Out of stock
Xxl Nutrition
£ 18.82

Dietary supplement containing leucine. It supports muscle growth, increases strength and endurance.

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L-Leucine Out of stock
£ 23.04

Dietary supplement containing L-leucine. It promotes the growth of muscles and improves regeneration processes.

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Leucine Out of stock
Fire Snake Nutrition
£ 18.18

Free form of leucine in the form of powder. It demonstrates large anabolic and anticatabolic potential.

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Leucine Fusion
Leucine Fusion Discontinued
from £ 7.19

The combination of several forms of L-Leucine. It accelerates muscle protein synthesis and promotes anabolism.

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