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Green Coffee 3200 Green Coffee 3200 100 caps.
10.56 €

Green Coffee 3200 100 caps.

Shipping weight: 200g
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  • 800 mg of green coffee bean extract in a single capsule
  • Enriched with chromium to support metabolism
  • A source of caffeine and chlorogenic acid
  • Supports the fight against overweight
  • No unnecessary additions

Aliness Green Coffee 3200 is a dietary supplement containing green coffee bean extract. It is a source of chlorogenic acid and caffeine, which, when combined, have a positive effect during weight loss. A single capsule contains 800 mg of extract, which corresponds to 3200 mg of coffee beans. The preparation has also been enriched with chromium that guarantees additional benefits.

Green coffee bean extract is obtained from the same coffee that millions of people drink every day in the world, except it is not roasted. It contains many beneficial substances, including chlorogenic acid affecting the regulation of glucose levels and caffeine with stimulatory properties. Although the compounds separately also positively affect the body, their combination has a beneficial effect on maintaining healthy body weight.

Chromium is an element that may support the fight against extra kilograms. It helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and contributes to maintaining the proper metabolism of macronutrients.

Help in the fight against overweight
Chlorogenic acid inhibits the absorption of sugar from consumed foods. As a result, it may reduce blood glucose levels and burn its stores in tissues. However, only its combination with caffeine brings the expected results in the form of weight loss – which may be associated with the stimulatory effect of this compound.

Cellulite reduction
Extra kilograms often go hand in hand with cellulite, although slim people also face this problem. The use of green coffee extract may reduce cellulite and have a positive effect on the look of the skin.

Additional action
Chlorogenic acid belongs to polyphenols, i.e. antioxidants, whose task is to remove harmful free radicals. Besides, it strengthens immunity by stimulating the production of antibodies.

To sum up, Aliness Green Coffee 3200 is a dietary supplement addressed to people who are dreaming of a slim figure and are looking for ways that help to achieve it.

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