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High Absorption CoQ10 High Absorption CoQ10 200mg 60 softgels
Doctor's Best
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High Absorption CoQ10

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  • Bioactive coenzyme Q10
  • Increased bioavailability with piperine
  • Slows the ageing process
  • Adds energy and vitality
  • Boosts physical capacity
  • Recommended for athletes
  • Support for the function of mitochondria
  • Beneficial effect on the heart
  • Activated energy processes
  • Support the health of the elderly

Doctor's Best High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerin ® is a dietary supplement that contains a concentrated dose of 200 mg of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in the form of gel capsules. This natural compound is necessary for normal production of energy in every cell of the human body, exhibits a strong antioxidant action and may inhibit the processes of ageing. This preparation has been enriched with black pepper extract with proven efficacy in increasing the absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract to correct the coenzyme deficiency faster and more efficiently.

Coenzyme Q10 is a compound naturally synthesised in the human body, and the highest concentrations are observed in the most active organs such as the liver, brain, heart and kidneys. The basic form of CoQ10 is ubiquinone (oxidized), however, depending on your needs, it can be converted into the reduced form (ubiquinol). Both oxidized and reduced form exhibits diverse biological activity.

Bioperine is a standardised extract from black pepper, containing natural piperine – an alkaloid with strong health-promoting effect. Scientific studies describe its enormous impact on the improved absorption of many substances necessary for our health. It improves the absorption of fat-soluble compounds, such as β-carotene or coenzyme Q10, water-soluble compounds (vitamin B6) and some mineral compounds (selenomethionine).

Energy production
The primary and the most known role of coenzyme Q10 is the production of energy from energy substrates, such as fats and carbohydrates. It's a key component of the respiratory chain – a complex cycle of chemical transformations taking place in the mitochondria, which results in the formation of ATP – an energy carrier in living organisms.

The researchers found that heavy physical effort, in which muscles require increased energy production, contributes to decreased CoQ10 concentrations in the body. It is suggested therefore that supplementation of this compound can support athletes, stimulating energy processes and the use of energy substrates, which helps to achieve better results and combat fatigue.

Health support for the elderly
Similar situation like the one above occurs among ageing people. Studies indicate that coenzyme Q10 concentrations decrease over the age of 40. This can limit and impair the functioning of the mitochondria, which is the basis for one of the commonly recognised theories of ageing. The CoQ10 supplementation may thus inhibit this process and help to stay healthy and fit for a long time.

Healthy and strong heart
In order to function properly and effectively, cardiac muscle requires enormous and continuous energy supplies. This is particularly important for persons with serious illnesses like chronic heart failure.

According to some scientific reports, coenzyme Q10 supplementation may support the heart in various ways in case of this disease. This action could consist in promoting energy production in the heart muscle or protecting myocytes from harmful effects of free radicals. This coenzyme also affects the integrity of specialised proteins transporting calcium ions necessary for cardiac function called ion channels.

Strong antioxidant action
So-called reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed during various biochemical processes in the body. There are many theories about their negative impact, including initiation of the ageing process or the incidence of many diseases of affluence (cardiovascular diseases, cancer).

Studies have confirmed that coenzyme Q10, especially its reduced form –ubiquinol, have great capacities to neutralise free radicals. It can directly prevent the oxidation of lipids, proteins that build the structures of our body, even DNA molecules. It has been proven that it promotes also the regeneration of other strong antioxidant – α-tocopherol, so commonly-known vitamin E.

Support for blood vessels
Atherosclerosis is a serious disease whose effects can lead to such incidents as infarction or stroke. The formation of atherosclerotic plaque underlies the oxidation of low-density cholesterol particles, commonly known as LDL.

Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10, thanks to its antioxidant potential, has the ability to counteract this process. This can be of the utmost importance in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

To sum up, Doctor's Best High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerine® is a supplement with multi-target, health-promoting benefits, designed for all people caring about the state of their health. It's recommended in particular for people with intensive physical activity and those training hard who want to improve the efficiency of energy processes of their muscles. It is also intended for people over the age of 40.

This preparation can also have a positive impact by supporting sufferers of chronic heart failure and in the fight against atherosclerosis. The formula is suitable for vegetarians.

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