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Profi Mass Profi Mass 1000g
20.14 €

Profi Mass 1000g

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  • Bulk nutrient with an even protein - carbohydrates ration
  • Composition enriched with L-glutamine, taurine and vitamins
  • Supports the increase in lean muscle mass
  • Contains diverse carbohydrate formula
  • Complemented with the MCT oil additive
  • Only top-quality protein

Olimp Profi Mass is the top-quality nutrient supporting the increase in lean muscle mass. It is a unique composition of proteins with different absorption rates and carbohydrates with a balanced glycaemic index. The advanced formula was enriched with medium chain fatty acids (MCT), amino acids and vitamins. A product with such a multifaceted composition aims to maximize the promotion of anabolic reactions, in this way providing immediate regeneration after training.

In contrast to classic gainers, in which carbohydrates of dubious quality predominate, Profi Mass is a bulk preparation, which means that it contains an almost even protein-carbohydrates ratio. It is an ideal solution for both ectomorphic users who have problems with providing themselves the right number of calories, as well as for other training enthusiasts who want to take care of proper regeneration.

The protein formula contained in the supplement consists of the following protein fractions:
Whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH) - it is a type of whey protein with extremely fast absorption and the highest possible biological value. It is obtained by pre-hydrolysing milk proteins. In this way, macromolecular proteins are broken down into shorter peptide chains, which are immediately released into the body after consumption in the form of amino acids. In addition, research has revealed an increased release of insulin into the blood after administration of this type of protein, which results in even better muscle protein synthesis and tissue nutrition.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) - a rapidly absorbed type of whey protein obtained through the patented cross-flow microfiltration CFM®, with an exemplary biological value (BV = 159). Uptake of amino acids starts almost immediately after the isolate is consumed, and lasts for about an hour.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) - this type of proteins is featured by good bioavailability and high biological value (BV = 104). It is the most popular type of protein supplement used by athletes. Thanks to its absorption period, which is slightly longer than that of the isolate and hydrolysate (nearly 2 hours), it fits perfectly into the product formula.

Micellar casein - this is a type of slowly digestible protein obtained from milk. In contrary to the aforementioned protein types, casein releases the amino acids into the bloodstream only about 1.5 hours after consumption. In addition, this process lasts for almost 5 hours! In this way, it prevents sudden, unfavourable drops in the level of amino acids in the blood and ensures the sense of satiety. In addition, it naturally thickens the conditioner, giving it the consistency of a real shake.

The presented blend, supplemented with L-glutamine and taurine, ensures constant availability of proteins with an excellent aminogram. In this way you can achieve a positive nitrogen balance, which allows the body to rebuild muscle tissue. Studies have shown that proteins mixed in these proportions most strongly promote muscle growth after training.

Low-GLC™ carbohydrate mix is another equally important component of the nutrient. Its function is to maintain proper glucose supply to the blood for a long time after consumption. In this way, the body is provided with an energetic substrate, necessary both for performing current activities and for the recovery of damaged tissues.

The mixture contains:
Waxy-Maize - it is waxy corn starch with a low glycemic index and predominant content of amylopectins. These are long-chain polysaccharides that consist of many glucose molecules. They guarantee a long-term release of simple sugars from the mixture into the blood, up to 4 hours after consumption.

Isomaltulose - it is a disaccharide with a structure similar to sucrose, but significantly different from it, due to the difference in the binding between glucose and fructose. The glycaemic index of isomaltulose is about 30, which means that after ingestion, it raises blood glucose much slower than standard sugar.

To cover the body's energy needs immediately after training, the composition of the nutrients was supplemented with the following ingredients that quickly increase the blood sugar level:
Maltodextrins - multi-sugar compounds obtained from starch, which immediately increase the concentration of glucose in the blood, and then keep it at a fairly stable level. When consumed after training, they immediately restore the depleted muscle glycogen stores.

Dextrose and fructose - simple sugars with a high glycaemic index, causing a rapidly increasing insulin secretion, which, besides providing a large amount of glucose to cells, promotes anabolic reactions in the body. The use of dextrose and fructose after workout sessions along with protein preparations promotes rapid regeneration processes of muscle tissue damaged by training. Fructose, due to its small size, does not need insulin to enter the cells. Therefore it works exceptionally well as a boost of energy, before insulin is released.

As a supplementary energy substrate, medium chain fatty acids (MCT) have been used in the preparation, which are a rich source of energy without straining the digestive system. These fats provide a longer feeling of satiety and facilitate the absorption of many nutrients.

In addition, the nutrient was supplemented with a complex of vitamins that take part in a series of biochemical reactions in the body. They enable better digestion of nutrient ingredients and have an antioxidant effect, improving significantly post-workout regeneration.

In summary, Olimp Profi Mass is a product with advanced composition, which provides the body with ideal conditions for regeneration necessary after a hard workout. Instant product formula guarantees quick and even dissolution of the nutrient and is an easy way to increase the caloric value of one’s diet, without worrying about the quality of ingredients or accumulation of fatty tissue.

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