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B1 50mg B1 50mg 60 caps.
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B1 50mg 60 caps.

Min. expiration date: 2025-08
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  • A combination of two forms of vitamin B1
  • 50 mg of thiamine in one capsule
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Support for the nervous system and heart
  • Regulation of energy metabolism

Labs212 B1 dietary supplement is a product that combines two forms of vitamin B1: thiamine and thiamine pyrophosphate. One capsule contains 50 mg of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is a water-soluble vitamin composed of a thiazole ring and a pyrimidine ring. It plays an important role in many basic physiological processes of the body. It is not stored in the body, and daily consumption is necessary to maintain its appropriate level. Thiamine contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism. It is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, which are the primary source of energy for the body. It also takes part in the metabolism of amino acids and the production of neurotransmitters, thanks to which it helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B1 helps in the proper functioning of the heart. With thiamine deficiency, pyruvate and lactate accumulate in body fluids and tissues, resulting in metabolic acidosis, vasodilation, and water and sodium retention in the body. All this leads to heart failure. Thiamine is also important in maintaining normal psychological functions.

Thiamine pyrophosphate is a biochemically active form of thiamine. Thiamine is absorbed in the small intestine and then transported to the liver and other tissues where it is converted to thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP or cocarboxylase), which is a coenzyme involved in a number of key metabolic processes. TPP acts as a cofactor for several enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids, as well as in the production of ATP (the main source of energy).

To sum up, Labs212 B1 is a preparation that allows you to safely supplement vitamin B1 deficiencies. Thanks to the formula containing two forms of the vitamin, it is possible to absorb and use it even better by the body.

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