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Barrier Barrier 40 caps.
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Barrier 40 caps.

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  • The complex of probiotic bacteria supporting the functions of the intestinal barrier
  • Positively influences the functions of the immune system
  • Provides living cultures of probiotic bacteria
  • May influence the functions of the nervous system
  • Facilitates the absorption of nutritious substances
  • Tightness connections between enterocytes
  • Prevents digestive dysfunctions
  • Regenerates intestinal mucosa

Sanprobi Barrier is an advanced probiotic preparation constituting a response to the needs of a modern human being. It provides the complex of eight bacterial strains with a key meaning for the tightness of intestinal barrier.

What is intestinal barrier?
The absorbent surface of the intestines is the largest area of exchanging substances between the organism and the external world. By a large number of processes taking place there, it has influence on the functioning of each cell of the organism. The most external surface of the intestines is composed of mucous membrane, densely covered with bacterial microflora, called intestinal barrier. It demonstrates incredibly wide functionality, based on the two basic mechanisms of operation: the creation of physical obstacle for pathogens thanks to the so-called narrow tight junctions of enterocytes and the range of activities of probiotic bacteria, able to produce vitamins, enzymes or neurotransmitters.

Why should we support the tightness of the intestinal barrier?
This incredibly advanced functional system created by the mucous membrane of enterocytes and microorganisms that live there is unfortunately extremely susceptible to damages. The largest devastation in the natural bacterial microflora is made by antibiotics, still very willingly prescribed by doctors. Importantly, they cause changes in the bacterial composition of the digestive system not only during their application, but they also have influence on the probiotic barrier for many years after antibiotic therapy.

Not only bactericidal preparations are dangerous to the functionality of the bacteria present in the digestive system. The lifestyle of a XXI-century-man, full of various stress factors and lack of time for proper regeneration is an equally important factor, which has destructive influence on the intestinal barrier. Highly processed food, so common nowadays, full of anti-nutritious factors poses a real threat to the state of our natural bacterial flora, covering the intestines.

We cannot also skip the trend of maximal sterilization of the surrounding environment, especially in the period of early development. It leads to the incomplete formation of intestinal microflora, entailing dysfunctional intestinal barrier in the future, unable to perform proper immunological functions. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, incredibly often used due to its seeming lack of harmfulness, also influence improper activity of microorganisms in the digestive system.

Intestinal barrier and sport
Physically active people should take special care about the tightness of their intestines. First of all, they are especially prone to the dysfunctions of the intestinal barrier due to the fact that each training session is a considerable stress factor, disturbing eubiosis (bacterial balance) of the intestines. Secondly, probiotic therapy allows to avoid digestive discomfort, often experienced during training. Thirdly, the tightness of the intestinal barrier influences the functioning of brain-gut axis, which is reflected in the functionality of the nervous system, which mainly decides about our effort and motor abilities.

The symptoms of intestinal barrier dysfunction
The main and the most manifesting symptom of intestinal dysbiosis are all kinds of digestive dysfunctions, such as constipations and bloated stomach. Lack of proper functions of probiotic bacteria (mainly enzymatic) leads to the disorders of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It is reflected in energy disorders of all cells in the organism, decreasing their efficiency.

Another main area, in which intestinal barrier disorders play a considerable role is the immune system. Intestines are a huge surface, through which pathogens may permeate directly to the bloodstream. Properly rich microflora in the area of the digestive system is responsible for mechanical immunity of the intestinal barrier and the tightness of bonds between enterocytes, which are the main way of permeating of harmful substances and microorganisms to the organism.

Equally important, but often skipped aspect related to intestinal microflora is its influence on the functioning of the nervous system. Probiotic bacteria exhibit the ability to synthesize many important neurotransmitters, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid, dopamine, acetylcholine or serotonin. They constitute their important source and disorders in the functioning of intestinal bacteria may be related to deregulation of the functions of the nervous system and mood fluctuations. Research also indicates intestinal dysbiosis as one of the causes of migraine headaches.

How does the supplement work?
In the composition of the preparation there are 8 bacterial strains with the key functions for the efficiency of the intestinal barrier. The most active bacterial cultures present in the preparation are B. Bifidium and L. Casei, which strengthen immunological functions of the intestinal barrier, stimulate the immune response by intensifying the synthesis of interleukin 10 and inhibit the activity of mastocytes. This last functionality is also demonstrated by the stains L. Salivarius present in the supplement. Bacteria L. Acidophilus and Lc. Lactis additionally reduce the burden with polysaccharides. B. lactis and L. brevis are in turn one of the strongest strains positively influencing mechanical tightness of mucous membrane.

Sanprobi Barrier is a complex preparation which constitutes a universal support for the tightness and functionality of the intestinal barrier. It allows to decrease destructive influence of highly-processed food and life full of stressors on the intestinal microflora. By restoring eubiosis in the digestive system, they positively influence the functioning of the whole body, demonstrating special effectiveness in the immune and nervous systems.

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