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Pump Xplode Powder Pump Xplode Powder 300g
£ 13.20

Pump Xplode Powder 300g

Servings: 300g
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  • Innovative pre-workout supplement, caffeine-free
  • Synergistic mixture of proven ingredients
  • Contains B group vitamin mix
  • Excellent bioavailability of the ingredients
  • Supports post-workout regeneration
  • Promotes the muscle pump
  • Enhances muscle development
  • Increases synthesis of nitric oxide

Olimp Pump Xplode Powder is a pre-workout preparation that combines the proven formula of nitric oxide boosters with several carefully selected substances that enable you to undergo hard training and achieve a perfect muscle pump. However, it does not contain any stimulants, so you can take it at late hours and not be afraid of difficulties with falling asleep.

L-Citrulline is a non-protein amino acid derived from ornithine, which is a strong precursor to arginine, thereby significantly enhancing the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO). L-citrulline is essential in the urea cycle, which is the only efficient way to get rid of the toxic substance ammonia is for the body. By increasing the production of nitric oxide, L-citrulline supports the relaxation of blood vessels, and also positively affects the blood circulation, which translates into better nutrition of cells. As a result, the muscle tissue gets better nourished, which means it can work longer and recover faster, thus meeting the basic conditions for increased muscle hypertrophy.

In addition, studies have shown that increased protein biosynthesis occurs as a result of L-citrulline supplementation. This effect may be related to the increased availability of energy substrates, which is also caused by this amino acid.

Alpha-ketoglutarate of L-arginine, also called AAKG, is a substance that combines the L-arginine molecule with the rest of glutaric acid. As a result, the molecule absorbs faster and is much more chemically stable. AAKG supplementation significantly increases the level of L-arginine in the body, which in turn results in increased NO synthesis. Thanks to this, during exercises muscles are supplied with blood in large amounts and this condition lasts for a long time after the training. In combination with L-citrulline, AAKG is an excellent stack for obtaining a powerful muscle pump, and thus efficiency, strength and muscle recovery.

Beta-alanine is an organic compound belonging to endogenous amino acids, one of the two substrates for the production of carnosine. This peptide is present primarily in muscle tissue, which is related to its function. Carnosine is responsible for the regulation of muscle acidity. During the effort in muscle cells there is a synthesis of lactic acid, which rapidly reduces the pH of the environment. The decrease in acidity in the muscle cell significantly reduces muscular capacity, and in extreme cases can lead to the loss of their ability to contract. Carnosine prevents abrupt pH fluctuations in the muscle environment, making the muscles work longer.

In addition, the reduction of free radicals offered by this dipeptide may have a positive effect on the speed of regeneration by alleviating the inflammation that occurs during exercise, as well as relieve muscle soreness both during and after the workout.

Sodium is an electrolyte with an extremely important function in the body, because with potassium it is responsible for maintaining the appropriate difference in the electrical potential between the cell’s interior and exterior. This preparation contains sodium due to its ability to increase water retention in the body, resulting in a greater volume of blood. Thanks to this, higher muscle blood circulation is maintained during training and vascularization is increased. In addition, high water content in muscle cells is a favourable environment for anabolic metabolism.

Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.) is a source of piperine, an alkaloid contained in the black pepper grain. Piperine helps digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric acid and bile, also preventing constipation. As a result of this mechanism, the absorption of active substances and vitamins and elements is also improved, and the extract is an excellent addition to permanent supplementation. It is also worth adding that piperine inhibits the formation of new fat cells, making it easier to maintain a lean figure which you struggled so hard to achieve.

The B group vitamins contained in the preparation are vitamin B6, vitamin B12, thiamine and niacin. They are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play an extremely important role in the energy management of the body. They are part of enzymes and are extremely important for the proper course of erythrocyte (red blood cells) maturation process. Their addition not only prevents shortages of these vitamins, but can have a positive effect on training performance.

To sum up, Olimp Pump Xplode Powder is a perfect combination of proven ingredients that allow you to overcome obstacles preventing you from training, while not straining the nervous system. What is more, the muscle pump achieved thanks to this preparation is extremely intense, which together with the increased number of repetitions is an excellent stimulus for growth for muscle tissue.

Directions for use
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Container size: 300 gServing size: 9 g (1/2 scoop)Servings per container: 33
per portion (9 g)amount%DV
L-citrulline3000 mg**
L-arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate2000 mg**
of which L-arginine1345 mg**
Beta-alanine1000 mg**
Sodium citrate566 mg**
of which sodium133 mg**
Niacin (as nicotinamide)16 mg NE100%
Black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum L.)5 mg**
of which piperine (95%)4.75 mg**
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)1.7 mg 121%
Thiamine (as thiamin hydrochloride )1.2 mg 109%
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)2,5 µg100%

Other ingrednients

Flavourings, acidity regulator - citric acid; sodium citrate, colour - E 150d (for cola flavour); anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide; sweeteners - acesulfame K, sucralose; colours: carotenes (A), carmines (B) , riboflavins (C), E 150c (D), E 150d (E), E 133 (F), patent blue V (G), indigo carmine (H), chlorophylls and chlorophyllins (I), curcumin (J), anthocyanins (K), paprika extract (L), betanin (M), vegetable carbon (N).

(A)-(Z) - Depending on the taste of the product, the symbol (A-Z) of the ingredient used shall appear next to the date of minimum durability (preferably before use).

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What is L-Citrulline?

L-Citrulline is an α-amino acid, ornithine derivative. It was isolated for the first time from watermelon and this is how it gained its name, as citrullus in Latin means watermelon. Citrulline takes part in oxygen processes of energy production during effort, thanks to which it is especially attractive for sportsmen of endurance disciplines. It also takes part in urea cycle, also known as the Ornithine cycle, thanks to which it helps to get rid of excessive amounts of ammonia from the organism.

It converts to l-arginine in kidneys and scientific studies suggest that is increases its level even more effectively than in case of sole arginine. Moreover, the increase of arginine level resulting from citrulline supply is longer and more stable. Thanks to this, it contributes to the increase of nitric oxide and widening of blood vessel lumen. This property makes citrulline useful in preventing cardiological incidents. The positive influence on the circulatory system is also used in case of erection disorders, as increased nitric oxide may initiate more effective blood flow to sex organs.

L-Citrulline is contained in the composition of many pre-workout supplements and NO-boosters directed at the improvement of sports abilities of the organism, which may be found in the offer of



Arginine is an exogenous amino acid, it is a component of dietary proteins, not always synthesized in the human body in necessary quantity, so it is necessary to deliver it in the form of synthetics. It takes part in the biosynthesis agmatine, creatine and nitrogen oxides. The use of supplements containing arginine before workout increases the exercise capacity (strength, endurance). Used after considerable effort intensifies the transfer of energy and building compounds and intensifies the process of recovery. Used at bedtime in combination with lysine and ornithine enhances the synthesis of growth hormone. takes part in the intrasystemic synthesis of creatine. Arginine (as a precursor of ornithine) is involved in the urea cycle, increases the flow of blood in the circulatory system, increases sexual potency (in a short time after application). It affects the body's immunity preventing infections, and lowers blood pressure. In supplements – usually as alpha-ketoglutarate.




Alpha-ketoglutarate (ionized Alpha-ketoglutarate acid, ketone derivative of glutaric acid). Involved in the metabolism of amino acids, oxidation, and transport of the nitrogen in the body. It accelerates the synthesis of components of food (anti-catabolism). In sports supplementation it is used in combination with arginine, glutamine and BCAA. As it is of excreting a toxic ammonia from the body - it is antitoxin. It is a part of sports pre- and post-training supplements, and anti-catabolic supplements and amino acid complexes.





Beta-alanine (β-alanine) is a β-amino acid (the same group to which the I-alanine belongs, but with different chemistries). In combination with histidine, it forms β-alanyl-L-histidine (carnosine) - a antioxidant, chelating and buffering compound. Carnosine reduces the level of hydrogen ions in the cell and allows to extend the physical performance and endurance, it affects biological recovery after exercise. Beta-alanine is available in the form of single component and advanced amino-acid supplements, creatine stacks and nitrogen boosters.




Sodium is an important component of the intracellular fluids, and is a regulator of acid-base balance. Along with potassium affects the proper of growth and provides the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. The source of acquisition is table salt (NaCl) and bladderwrack, shellfish, bacon, beef, and of plant beets and carrots. People on salt-free diet should avoid, among others, spicy sauces and smoked meats and sausages.
Sodium deficiency is very rare, at heaving sweating after a long effort (e.g. in the marathon).
Excess sodium increases blood pressure (especially for the elderly), edema and increased thirst. Exceeding the daily dose of 14g a day can cause poisoning.


Vitamin B3


Vitamin B3 (vitamin PP, niacin, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide) is niacinamide niacin. It is used in interaction with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in the synthesis of hormones during lactation. It provides proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is helpful in inflammatory conditions of the skin. Required for synthesis of sex hormone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and insulin. It does not lose its properties in the manufacturing and storage. The source of acquiring vitamins PP are both products of animal origin (the lean meat, eggs, fish) and vegetable origin (dates, figs, hazelnuts, plums).
Dosage: 2-12 mg / day for children, 14 mg / day for women, 16 mg / day for men and 17-18 mg / day for pregnant or nursing women.


Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine) is soluble in the liquid. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. By reducing the amount of fat in the blood do not enable deposition of the body. It helps the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12 (cobalamin). It works on the muscle antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory pain in the joints. It acts anti. It provides efficient operation of the brain. It increases energy increasing vigor of a man. The demand for vitamin B6 increases during pregnancy and breast-feeding infants. The natural product is: yeast, eggs, wheat germ, meat (liver), wheat bran, nuts, peanuts peanuts, soybeans. There is a hypothesis that can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria.
Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes abnormal metabolism of proteins, decrease in lymphocytes in the blood, causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue intensifies.
Dosage: 1.5-2.5 mg daily (increased demand during pregnancy and lactation).


Pyridoxine hydrochloride


What is pyridoxine hydrochloride?

Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a basic, the most commonly used form of vitamin B6 in supplements and fortified foods. It is a vitamin soluble in water. It converts to the active form of the vitamin - pyridoxal phosphate.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions. It takes part in the production of many neurotransmitters, such as GABA, serotonin and catecholamines and it takes part in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. It is an important factor for the process of the creation of red cells and hemoglobin and its deficit may be one of the factors causing anemia. This vitamin contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism and is important for maintaining well-being and good psychological condition. Its presence supports the breakdown of pro-inflammatory homocysteine to cysteine and further metabolites, thanks to which it may decrease the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiological incidents.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride may be found in many vitamin B complexes and vitamin-mineral preparations available in the offer of

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)


Vitamin B1 (thiamin, vitamin B) improves mental alertness and strengthens the nervous system ensuring the proper functioning of the brain. It improves cardiac and muscular system. It is suportive in the treatment of shingles. Involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Natural source of vitamin B1 are brown bread, yeast, eggs, raw vegetables, meat, milk, legumes, cheese.
Vitamin B1 deficiency hinders the processes of decomposition of sugars (catabolism), causes a loss of appetite and disorders in the functioning of the digestive tract, can cause polyneuritis and disease beriberi.
Dosage: Recommended daily intake is 1-2 mg.


Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)


Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, cyanocobalamin) is a vitamin soluble in liquids. Participates in the production of red blood cells and is essential in the absorption of iron by the body. It calming effect, a positive effect on concentration and memory. Intensifies its action in cooperation with folic acid (vitamin M). Usually occurs in animal products, fish and dairy products. It contains trace elements.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to pernicious anaemia, general and immunity weakness, inhibiting of growth and damage to the myelin sheath of nerves.




What is cyanocobalamin?

Cyanocobalamin is a basic, the most commonly met form of vitamin B12 in vitamin B complexes and multivitamins available on the market.

Vitamin B12 is the most known for its influence on neurology. It takes part in building and regenerating myelin sheaths of neurons, thanks to which it contributes to the protection of the nervous system against damages. Because of the ability to increase the level of S-Adenosyl methionine, vitamin B12 may contribute to more efficient synthesis of many neurotransmitters, thanks to which it positively influences well-being and psychical condition.

This vitamin is also engaged in the process of blood production and its deficiencies contribute to the creation of megaloblastic anemia. Its deficits may also concern vegetarians and vegans, elderly people, people with absorption disorders and those using drugs neutralizing gastric acid.

Cyanocobalamin is included in the composition of many complex vitamin supplements that may be found in the offer of

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