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Chromium Picolinate Chromium Picolinate 200 caps.
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Chromium Picolinate 200 caps.

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  • An effective dose of highly absorbable microelement
  • Facilitates body fat reduction
  • Prevention of civilization diseases
  • Improved glucose metabolism
  • Easier weight control
  • Appetite suppression

MZ Chromium Picolinate is a dietary supplement containing chromium. The preparation is aimed at supporting the proper carbohydrate metabolism and weight control, as well as supporting the condition of the circulatory system.

Chromium is a trace element that supports glucose metabolism and helps to lower its level in the blood. Other effects of its activity include supporting the circulatory system with regards to the improvement of plasma lipid parameters and modulation of blood pressure.

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It reduces the appetite and cravings for sweets
04/07/2021 Magda

Optimal glucose metabolism
More and more people are struggling with elevated blood sugar, which may eventually lead to the development of full-blown diabetes. Therefore, it's worth looking for methods of preventing and improving glycemia by modifying your lifestyle, where one of its elements is adequate supplementation with micronutrients.

An element that can significantly help to restore glucose-insulin homeostasis is chromium. It is also referred to as glucose tolerance factor, and it owes this name to the fact that by participating in molecular transmission pathways, it makes cells more sensitive to insulin. Thus, it contributes to a stronger expression of glucose transporters on cell membranes, which results in a decrease in blood glucose.

Weight control
Chromium supplementation may also contribute to the normalization of body weight. This happens in two mechanisms, one of which has been described above. The second involves suppressing appetite, thanks to which less high-calorie products are taken in, whereas the deficit generated allows for burning of excess fat.

To sum up, MZ Chromium Picolinate is a high-quality preparation that is recommended especially to anyone who wants to take care of both their health and slim figure.

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