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AAKG 1000 AAKG 1000 100 tab.
Biotech Usa
£ 8.16

AAKG 1000 100 tab.

Servings: 100 tab.
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  • High dose of AAKG in single dose
  • Increases nitrogen oxide production
  • Ensures a strong muscle pump
  • Facilitates effective muscle nourishment
  • Helps remove metabolic waste products
  • Delays fatigue
  • Boosts endurance and strength during training
  • Improves the quality of sex life
  • Supports the release of growth hormone

AAKG 1000 by BioTech USA is a dietary supplement whose active substance is arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG). It is an ingredient which provides a strong pumped feeling during training due to the stimulation of vasodilation processes. An increase in blood flow to muscles brings many benefits, including: improved training efficiency, post-workout recovery and muscle pump and delayed feeling of fatigue.

AAKG – is a salt of alpha-ketoglutaric acid and arginine. The ratio of these synergistic ingredient is 1:2. Both substances are produced naturally in the body but their supplementation helps maximise their effects.

Arginine is a non-protein amino acid whose production in the body does not meet fully its requirement. Adequate nutrition and supplementation helps maximise effects associated with its action.

This amino acid is a nutrient which is involved in the ornithine cycle in the body. It is a process in which the body removes metabolic waste products, such as: carbon dioxide, urea and derivatives of ammonia. The whole process takes place in the liver which is the main organ responsible for detoxification. Efficient course of this cycle contributes to increasing effectiveness of bodily functions and delays a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Arginine metabolism causes an increase in citrulline levels in the body. It is a compound which stimulates the synthesis of nitrogen oxide. It is an agent which has a dilating effect on smooth muscle tissue of blood vessels. Such action contributes to widening the lumen of blood vessels which gives thus a greater pumped feeling, nourishment and muscle oxygenation and removes metabolic waste products. Apart from a characteristic feeling of tight muscles, it allows you to maintain high training efficiency for a long time.

Adequate arginine levels leads to an increase in the secretion of growth hormone. It may contribute to more efficient protein synthesis in individuals with impaired secretion of this compound.

In addition, arginine is recommended to persons with erectile dysfunction. An increase in nitrogen oxide levels causes a larger blood supply to male reproductive organs and thus improves sex life.

Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is a derivative of glutaric acid involved in the Krebs cycle. This is a process responsible for energy production in the body. An increase in AKG levels ensures high efficiency of this cycle. Owing to that, energy levels are increased.

AKG is also an agent which ensures high levels of glutamine in the body. It is an amino acid which is utilised during physical activity. As free glutamine is used in the body, the organism tries to break down its own proteins to maintain its normal levels. AKG supplementation stimulates the transamination of glutamate which is a precursor of glutamine. This protects the body against excessive catabolism and that is why it helps maintain muscle tissue during stress.

An increase in efficiency of bodily functions is also determined by support for detoxification processes of the body.

Combining arginine with a molecule of AKG helps prolong effectively its action in the body. This ensures more efficient activity of this amino acid for a longer period of time. This contributes also to better nourishment of muscles and a pumped feeling long after training.

AAKG 1000 is a pre-workout dietary supplement which gets you an extremely strong muscle pump.  Active ingredients of the formula ensure dilation of blood vessels, consequently providing better muscle nourishment and fullness. The supplement is designed for individuals training in a gym who want to achieve a strong pumped feeling.  Owing to its effects, the formula ensures quick and efficient post-workout recovery.

Directions for use
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Container size: 100 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 100
per portion (1 tablet)amount%RDA
Energy value13 kJ / 3 kcal**
Protein0,7 g1,3 %
L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate1000 mg**

Other ingrednients

Dicalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid and magnesium stearate, coating.

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Energy value


The energy value is determined by the chemical composition of the food product, by means of the so-called. physiological equivalents energy., determining the value of metabolic energy contained in 1 g of the component. Most commonly used is the equivalent of Atwater: protein 4 kcal/g for carbohydrates 4kcal/g, and for fat 9kcal/g.




Proteins (proteins, polypeptides) is a polymer, of which the basic units (monomers) are amino acids. Protein is composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur, and is an elementary nutrient necessary for the proper functioning of the body, an ingredient and a component of tissues, part of the hormones and enzymes and other bioactive substances. Protein determines the proper metabolism and energy processes, as well as all other life processes. The sources of natural proteins are foods of animal origin (including meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) and plant origin (legumes, soy). Deficiency of protein leads to protein malnutrition and a significant weakening of the body. It can lead to anaemia, reduced immunity, muscle relaxation, disorders of the digestive system. Also, overdose protein is undesirable because it can lead to acidification of the body, and interfere with the digestive system and an increase in the concentration of homocysteine ​​in the blood. It is a component of many supplements and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, both showing a low physical activity, or training the strength and endurance competitions.
Dosage: strength athletes: approx. 1.7 - 2.5 g / 1 kg of body weight; endurance athletes and strength -endurance athletes approx. 1.3 - 2 g / 1 kg of body weight, people with low activity approx. 0.8 - 1.1 g / 1 kg of body weight / 24h. In estimating the amount of protein, you should take into account the intake of other nutrients (carbohydrates and fats)


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a salt glutaric acid and arginine. The presence of these compounds results in intensification of the operation of each of them. Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate improves the bioavailability by stimulating the decomposition to CO2 and H2O, which means that it becomes a precursor in the synthesis of nitric oxide. It has anti-catabolic properties enhancing anabolism. Enhances the functioning of the insulin hormone, insulin-mimetics IGF-1) and somatotropin growth hormone.
AAKG is part of the pre-workout supplements (improving muscle blood flow and increasing the exercise capacity (strength and endurance)), as well as improves the recovery process after training. Most often used to increase the synthesis of nitric oxide (supplements pre- and post-workout), increasing muscle blood flow and regeneration. Particularly valued by the representatives of power sports, power and strength sports and strength athletics. Used very often in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.


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