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MSM & Glucosamine 360 caps.

MSM & Glucosamine

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  • Reduces inflammations and pain
  • Increases the blood circulation
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves the motor system
  • Improves the healing of wounds and injuries
  • Helps to combat insulin resistance
  • Improves the condition of hair and nails
  • Improves elasticity and condition of skin
  • Supports the chelation of heavy metals
  • Prevents bones decalcification

NATROL MSM & Glucosamine is a dietary supplement that contains glucosamine and MSM (an organic sulphur compound).

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – organic sulphur – until recently it was a relatively unknown natural compound. Thanks to its properties, it is now becoming a one of the most popular supplements in prevention and treatment. It occurs naturally in fresh vegetables, fruits, tea, cereals and fresh cow milk. Unfortunately, the current production and preservation processes destroy this compound, so that we are not able to get it without supplementation.

Organic sulphur (MSM) has multidirectional preventative and therapeutic properties. It also has detoxicating, anabolic and regenerating properties. It plays an important role in the forming of proteins by the human body system. It is essential for healthy hair and strong nails. Next to vitamin C, lysine and proline, sulphur is an essential mineral in collagen synthesis.

MSM improves the transportation and the delivery of numerous nutritional substance to and from the cells. It stimulates the healing if damaged skin, for example after surgery or burning. It strengthens weak cells and makes cell walls more elastic.

MSM is believed to be an irreplaceable amplifier of other vitamins and nutritional agents. The examples are vitamins A, C, D, E, coenzyme Q10, all B-vitamins, amino acids, selenium, calcium, magnesium and many others. It also works in reverse. The best sulphur amplifier will be vitamin C in form of sodium ascorbate or L-ascorbic acid. MSM promotes the cellular uptake of nutritional agents and extends their actions in the body system.

The implications of the lack of sulphur are muscles are joints stiffness, skin folds, reduction of flexibility of lungs and vessels tissues.

The research carried out by Johanna Budwig demonstrated that the amino acids, which contain sulphur, in cell membranes resonate with double fatty acids bonds. It results in the release of electrons. The energy is used to the heart beating, nerves stimulations and muscles contraction.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar which naturally occurs in our body system. It is a substance which regenerates joints and rebuilds a new, healthy cartilage. It takes part in the synthesis of proteoglycans (substances which form the joint cartilage) which improve or even regenerate affected joints.

Although there are two forms of glucosamine in our body system, we can get it from four different sources – glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine hydroiodide, N-acetylglucosamine and very common glucosamine sulfate. Natural sources of glucosamine are crayfishes, shrimps and oysters.

The greatest therapeutic value has the glucosamine sulfate because it is characterized by high bioavailability (89% of an active substance reaches the blood stream). Glucosamine should be applied in the periods of strong physical effort, increased joints burden (also caused by the obesity) and by intense aging process.

The production of glucosamine in the body system declines with age and then we are exposed to side effects caused by its lack (especially the athletes). The lack of glucosamine leads to disorders in joints functions.

Glucosamine prevents us from injuries as well as it protects, strengthens and regenerates joints. It is also used in posttraumatic states, in osteoporosis prevention, by the diet poor in calcium, among endurance athletes (as their joints are especially exposed to injuries and degeneration).

To sum it all up, NATROL MSM & Glucosamine contains big doses of MSM and glucosamine which have great effects on head skin, nails and joints. The supplement is recommended for athletes, who want to protect their cartilage from burden, and for people who want to alleviate the inevitable aging process.

For the best effects, glucosamine and MSM should be applied regularly. In case of glucosamine, its full action could be noticed after 3 or even after 6 months of regular applying. To strengthen the supplement function, the additional supplementation with vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K2 (especially in form of MK7) is recommended.

Product name:MSM & Glucosamine    
Container size: 360 capsules
Serving size: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 180
Supplement facts: per portion (2 capsules) amount %DV
Potassium 87 mg 3%
Glucosamine Sulfate Dipotassium Chloride (crab and shrimp) 670 mg -
- Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg -
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 500 mg -

Take 2 capsules, three times daily with a meal.

Natrol is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vitamins and dieatry supplements, located in the USA. Their products are completely natural, and made only from high quality ingredients, what makes them very effective and safe.