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VibeMe VibeMe 30 sasz.
34.69 €

VibeMe 30 sasz.

Min. expiration date: 2025-02
Shipping weight: 200g
For women
34.69 € With VAT
1.16 € / serving
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  • Natural libido booster created for women
  • Original recipe developed by specialists
  • Standardized plant extracts, with the addition of AAKG
  • No unnecessary fillers, preservatives and dyes
  • In the form of convenient, handy sachets

HealthLabs VibeMe is a dietary supplement for women, containing a carefully designed composition of ingredients with a beneficial effect on vitality and sexual performance. The original recipe includes as many as 7 standardized plant extracts, supplemented with the addition of L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG).

The power of nature

The formula of the preparation is based primarily on proven plant extracts, standardized for the content of key active ingredients. It contains herbs with a well-documented effect and a long tradition of use, sometimes going back thousands of years. They include: ginseng (helps maintain vitality and good sexual performance); Siberian ginseng, or spiny eleutherococcus (adaptogen, supports psychophysical condition); Muira Puama (helps to maintain the female hormonal balance during menopause); Maca (a natural aphrodisiac, positively influencing libido, sexual performance and fertility).

The composition of the product also includes slightly less popular herbs. Shatavari is a wild climber found in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This plant has traditionally been used as a natural tonic and to support fertility and female sexual function. Damiana, in turn, is a species of shrub from the passionflower family, growing in South America and Central America. The leaves of the plant have properties that support sexual drive and promote mental well-being in conditions of stress and nervous tension.

The formula of the preparation is perfectly complemented by black pepper fruit extract, standardized for the content of piperine. This ingredient supports digestion and the absorption of certain nutrients.

Appendix AAKG

The formula is complemented by the aforementioned L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG). It is a salt of the amino acid L-arginine and glutaric acid. L-arginine acts as a nitric oxide (NO) precursor. Nitric oxide, through its effect on vasodilation, improves the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients, also within the genital area.

To sum up, HealthLabs VibeMe is a comprehensive dietary supplement for women, containing carefully selected ingredients that support well-being and help increase energy and vitality. The preparation was created for women who want to naturally raise their libido and restore their desire for love.

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