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Mass XXL Mass XXL 3000g
25.56 €

Mass XXL

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  • Advanced gainer facilitating muscle mass building
  • Optimally selected proportions of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Based on the highest quality ingredients
  • A convenient form of meal replacement
  • Enriched with a complex of vitamins
  • Great solubility
  • Delicious taste

Trec Mass XXL is a high-quality carbohydrate-protein gainer. It combines the advantages of the optimal composition and proportions of ingredients and delicious addition to a diet.

To build muscle mass, a daily caloric surplus in the diet is necessary to create and maintain the anabolic environment. An appropriate supply of carbohydrates and proteins provides energy and building material necessary for the smooth process of muscle mass superstructure. Consuming food in the amount above the norm initially sounds easy, and even pleasant, but everyone who at least once has built muscle mass knows that the reality is not so colorful.

Constantly increasing the number of calories consumed begins to be troublesome over time, whereas the appetite may not keep up with the needs of muscles. What's more, it's not enough to just eat more – in order to build quality muscle mass, it is necessary to maintain the optimal proportions of macronutrients consumed with the food. This causes that the diet becomes even more tiring, time-consuming and monotonous. The solution to the problem of bothersome increasing the caloric supply is this high-quality gainer.

A great source of energy
The formula of the product has been created in such a way as to meet the dietary needs of the most demanding athletes during the period of building muscle mass. The mixture of mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides selected in the right proportions forms the carbohydrate core of the product. It is a comprehensive source of energy that allows the maintenance of its appropriate and stable level, without sudden spikes and falls.

Vitamin support of metabolism
To optimize the metabolism of energy substances consumed with this gainer, the product also contains vitamins responsible for the proper absorption and use of nutrients. This allows not only to increase the number of calories absorbed but also to improve their use, comprehensively supporting anabolic processes.

A source of high-quality building material
The protein part of the gainer is based on the whey protein concentrate. It is the most popular form found in supplementation. It is characterized by the proper amino acid profile, which is why it provides the right amount of building material for the formation of new muscle fibers.

Great taste and solubility
The supplement is available in various taste options, each of them deserves attention, constituting a pleasant enrichment of the diet. Thanks to this, this product is not only valuable, but also simply tasty. In addition, the high solubility allows you to get the perfect consistency of the shake prepared on its basis. Considering these two aspects, a portion of this nutrient is not only to facilitate achieving the assumed goal but it is also an easy way to prepare a delicious dessert.

To sum up, Trec Mass XXL is the highest quality gainer, whose main task is to increase the number of calories in the diet by providing exactly the ingredients that the body needs during the period of building muscle mass. It positively facilitates the fulfillment of the dietary assumptions necessary to create and maintain the anabolic environment in the body.

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