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Betaine HCL Pepsine 650/150mg Betaine HCL Pepsine 650/150mg 100 caps.
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Betaine HCL Pepsine 650/150mg 100 caps.

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  • Contains a high dose of substances that support digestion
  • Optimizes the pH of gastric juice to the desired values
  • Relieves discomfort caused by indigestion
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients
  • Reduces the occurrence of inflammation
  • Reduces the deposition of adipose tissue
  • Optimizes protein digestion
  • Protects against the penetration of pathogens
  • Normalizes the level of homocysteine
  • Supports the body's immunity
  • Promotes intestinal health

Aliness Betaine HCL with Pepsin 650/150mg is a dietary supplement supporting the digestive processes of the body. The betaine (in the form of hydrochloride) and pepsin contained in the preparation optimize the conditions prevailing in the stomach and improve the process of protein degradation, thus promoting an increased absorption of vitamins and minerals. The supplement works well in relieving flatulence, heartburn, reflux or gas, and may also normalize dysregulated bowel movements. In addition, the preparation has a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

Betaine HCl is a tri-methyl derivative of glycine (or trimethylglycine (TMG)), belonging to the large group of betaines. It is present in many food products (e.g. sugar beets, wheat products) in relatively small doses. This substance has a broad spectrum of action in the body, ranging from promotion of normal glucose metabolism, through the support of liver function, to reduced lipogenesis.

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Significant improvement in digestion. One capsule does the job even for a larger meal (although it actually feels more like throwing the capsule right before eating)
12/07/2021 Marcin

The influence of betaine on the acidity of the stomach environment through increasing the level of hydrochloric acid is particularly important because it allows the proper activity of digestive enzymes. This enables the occurrence of an efficient digestion process of macronutrients. Low pH of gastric juice is also a prerequisite for proper absorption of, among others, vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. It is also worth adding that the acidic environment prevailing in the stomach counteracts the development of pathogens such as fungi, bacteria or parasites.

It was also noted that the balanced content of hydrochloric acid in the stomach promotes the development of beneficial bacteria. Their presence in the gut improves the ability to digest and absorb certain types of fiber, thereby reducing digestive discomfort and flatulence.

In addition, betaine may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, contributing to the health of the cardiovascular system. This is due to the ability of TMG to lower the level of homocysteine – a sulfuric amino acid, whose level is considered as a significant risk factor in the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Betaine allows the methylation of homocysteine to S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), which in turn does not pose a threat to human cardiovascular health.

Pepsin – is a proteolytic enzyme classified to endopeptidases, formed in gastric chief cells as a result of pepsinogen activation. This activation occurs under the influence of gastrin and secretin and can occur by stimulation derived from the vagus nerve or through autoactivation of pepsin itself. This reaction occurs only in very low pH (~ 2).

Until recently, it was thought that pepsin only allowed breaking large protein molecules into much smaller peptide chains by hydrolysis. However, it has been proven that it also contributes to the breakdown of nucleic acids thanks to its ability to hydrolyze certain phosphodiester bonds.

Adequately high level of pepsin allows efficient protein distribution so that high-protein foods do not reside in the stomach and intestines and do not cause unpleasant symptoms within the digestive system, such as, for example, gases, bloating. In addition, the efficient intestinal passage minimizes the risk of inflammation of the intestinal wall occurring as a result of, e.g. accumulation of partially undigested food.

Synergistic action of pepsin and betaine
The insufficient level of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice is very often accompanied by the low activity of enzymes digesting proteins – e.g. pepsin, which is associated with too high pH. Therefore, in case of indigestion, reflux or feeling of heaviness after a meal, the optimal solution is to use both a product that reduces the pH of gastric juice and the enzyme supporting digestion. Simultaneous use of pepsin and betainę guarantees the ideal effectiveness of both substances, resulting in a significant improvement of digestive processes, and thus the quality of life.

To sum up, Aliness Betaine HCL with Pepsin 650/150mg is a supplement with perfectly selected ingredients that support digestive processes and the absorption of vitamins, micro and macro elements. In addition, it supports the functioning of the body on many levels, which increases comfort and quality of life. The preparation is also useful for people struggling with gastric problems and those who struggle with deficiencies of B vitamins (including folic acid).

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