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Cordyceps 750mg Cordyceps 750mg 90 caps.
Now Foods
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Cordyceps 750mg 90 caps.

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  • Natural Tibetan mushroom
  • Strengthens the body's resistance
  • Increases sexual performance
  • Has anti-stress properties
  • Improves a physical condition
  • Activates the AMPK kinase, and increases the amount of ATP
  • Cytotoxic towards tumor cells
  • Prevents anemia
  • Supports the cardiovascular system

Now Foods Cordyceps is a dietary supplement containing Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis), a type of a Tibetan mushroom havong multi-healthy properties, enhancing immunity and psychomotor performance.

Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) – the species of mushrooms originating in the high mountain areas of Tibet, known as Himalayan Viagra due to the properties that increase sexual performance; classified as adaptogen, so a herbal substance (an extract) supporting the body's resistance to stressors and traumatic experiences, used in states of fatigue or anxiety.

It contains many bioactive components including adenosine, cordycepin, vitamins (E, K, B1, B12), phytosterols, flavones, nucleosides, beta-glucans and several minerals. It exhibits antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, toning, anti-rheumatic, hepatoprotective, immunomodulating (it increases the activity and production of leukocytes) properties.

Cordyceps is a drug supporting the treatment of leukemia, it reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has anti-clot properties, dilates blood vessels, is a strong antioxidant slowing down the aging process, affects the potency and improves a physical condition.

Cordyceps and a physical condition
Cordyceps in animal studies, increased endurance and physical performance in swimming and accelerated the process of reducing body fat. Because it activates AMPK kinase (just as famous and banned AICAR), thereby increasing the amount of ATP in muscles.

In addition, the bioactive components of Cordyceps (adenosine, cordycepin) stimulate the synthesis of testosterone in the testes through the purinergic receptors, while reducing the concentration of the catabolic cortisol and increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Cordyceps and cancer
Cordyceps is becoming more and more effective anticancer drug and interesting for many oncologists looking for evidences and answers to their questions. Under laboratory conditions, some of the isolated components of Cordyceps killed tumor cells, while human studies indicate that it increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy, reducing the amount of side effects at the same time.

Moreover, the cordycepin inhibits the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells and disrupts the adherence to each other, which hampers the growth of the tumor.

Cordyceps and the body's resistance
Cordyceps stimulates the immune system: it increases the number of T lymphocytes (maturing in the thymus cells of the immune system involved in the formation of specific immunity, being in charge of the cellular response of the body after antigen intrusion), stimulates the activity of macrophages (cells capable of phagocytosis, so absorbing and digesting pathogenic microorganisms), increases the production of interleukin-1 (IL-1, cytokine responsible for the inflammatory process, stimulating B cell development and increasing the leukocyte activity), and TNF-α (a tumor necrosis factor), as well as stimulate the NK (Natural Killer) cells activity.

In summary, Now Foods Cordyceps is a product of comprehensive health benefits, designed for anyone who wants to take care of their health. The use of Cordyceps can prevent the occurrence of many diseases. It is especially recommended for endurance athletes, but also for people living in constant stress.

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