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Beta-carotene is an organic chemical compound from the group of carotenoids. It can be found in many vegetables and fruits, especially those with intense orange or yellow color. It is assumed that the best natural source of beta-carotene is sweet potatoes, peaches, apricots, carrot root, and pepper.

In the body, beta-carotene acts mainly as a precursor to vitamin A, which is why it is often recommended to people suffering from a deficiency of this vitamin. Importantly, the amount of vitamin A produced from the beta-carotene exactly corresponds to the actual demand of the body, so it can be used without the risk of hypervitaminosis. The appropriate level of vitamin A allows for the efficient performance of the immune system, proper vision and a good condition of mucous membranes.

Beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant that efficiently reduces the excess of free radicals and eliminates oxidative stress. Like other antioxidants, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and is a valued element in the prevention of cancer. In addition, beta-carotene has a very positive effect on the skin. It is recommended especially for sunbathers – it protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, inhibits photoaging of the skin, reduces sun allergy. In addition, it accelerates tanning and improves skin tone, giving it a warm, attractive color.


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A natural source of Vitamin A. The product improves immunity, supports the proper vision.

9.29 €

Natural beta-carotene in drops. Free of artificial additives, dyes, and preservatives.

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A natural precursor to vitamin A. It has a beneficial effect on the skin condition and may accelerate tanning.

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