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Full B Complex Forte Full B Complex Forte 100 caps.
10.48 €

Full B Complex Forte 100 caps.


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  • Optimum effect thanks to enrichment with active substances
  • The unique Quatrefolic® folic acid
  • Biologically active forms of vitamins B6 (pyridoxine 5-phosphate) and B2 (sodium riboflavin 5'phosphate)
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Full B Complex Forte by Hepatica is a dietary supplement containing the entire complex of water-soluble B vitamins, additionally enriched with active substances such as: choline, inositol, trimethylglycine (TMG) and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA).

B vitamins contribute to the proper energy metabolism, affect the proper functioning of the nervous system, help maintain normal psychological functions, support the health of the cardiovascular system, affect the maintenance of good condition of the mucous membranes, contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Folate (folic acid), necessary during pregnancy, contributes to the growth of maternal tissues. They help in the proper synthesis of amino acids and proper blood production. They support the proper functioning of the immune system. Key to maintaining proper homocysteine metabolism. They take part in the process of cell division.

Biotin affects the health and beautiful appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

Choline, sometimes referred to as vitamin B4, occurs in the body in the form of phospholipid compounds and plays a very important role in various transformations and processes in the body. Its action is associated primarily with the work of the liver, although this substance also affects the nervous system and other systems.

Inositol used to be included in the group of B vitamins (vitamin B8), but it was discovered that the human body has the ability to synthesize it on its own and is now treated as a vitamin-like compound. Inositol is a component of cell membranes, body fluids, glycolipids and glycoproteins.

Trimethylglycine (TMG), or betaine, is a naturally occurring substance in the body, a derivative of the amino acid glycine. It is also found in foods such as beets, spinach, cereals, seafood and wine. TMG has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system, is important in building muscle mass and contributes to the improvement of female fertility.

Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is often colloquially referred to as vitamin B10. PABA is a precursor and is involved in the formation of folic acid. This compound contributes to the improvement of the appearance of the skin and epidermal products, because it affects the pigmentation of the hair and protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, in short, PABA contributes to the delay of the aging process.

To sum up, Full B Complex Forte by Hepatica is a unique complex of B vitamins and vitamin-like compounds that affect the key functions of the body.

Directions for use
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Nutrition facts
per 1 capsuleamount%DV*
Thiamine44.5 mg4045%
Riboflavin37 mg2643%
Niacin50 mg313%
Vitamin B618 mg1286%
Pantothenic acid100 mg1667%
Folic acid270135%
Vitamin B121004000%
choline39 mg-
Inositol60 mg-
Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)25 mg-
Trimethylglycine (TMG)200 mg-
*-Daily value

Trimethylglycine, calcium D-pantothenate, choline bitartrate, inositol, thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), riboflavin sodium 5′-phosphate (vitamin B2), nicotinamide (niacin), pyridoxal-5-phosphate (vitamin B6), para-aminobenzoic acid , anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide, glucosamine salt of (6S) -5 methyltetrahydrofolic acid (Quatrefolic®), O-biotin,. cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell component).

Additional information
Container size: 100 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 100
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