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We have been operating on the market since 2005 and from the very beginning we are developing very dynamically. Our passion, hard work and determination to achieve very ambitious plans have allowed us to win the position of one of the largest online stores offering dietary supplements in Poland.




Our success was appreciated by the British company MZ Supplements Ltd, which in 2015 decided to support us and together with its co-operator, the company Supps4You LLC, took over our store internet domain to help us enter the foreign markets.


And so, already in 2015, we opened our next warehouse, which is located in England, in Rotherham. Very soon, another one will start functioning, this time located in Germany, in Goerlitz.


However, creating an effective distribution network within Europe is not the only pillar of our growth strategy. It is also making available or increasing the availability of hard-to-reach products in Europe. Also in this field we already have a lot of achievements, adding to our offer products of such American brands as Douglas Laboratories, Kirkman, Doctor's Best, Jarrow Formulas, Natural Sources, Life Extensions, Now Foods, Swanson, Source Naturals, Seeking Health, Thorne and many other.

We offer our European clients, as well as those from around the world, not only products, but also professional support employing high-class specialists in such areas as dietetics and nutrition, training and sports psychology or biochemistry.


For this purpose, we have also established a strategic alliance with one of the most renowned medical centers in Poland, specializing in intravenous supplementation, Revital Clinic. Thanks to it, we can also provide our clients with services in the field of health protection or rehabilitation, which is also readily used by recognized athletes.




From the beginning of our existence, we also attach great importance to building our own identity, our own brand and its recognition on the market. One of the key elements of our branding is a slogan that contains everything that we represent and who we want to be for our customers. This slogan comes from the popular term in the world of sport and psychology, "in the zone", invented by the American scientist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.


This term means a state of mind, in which we achieve the highest level of our performance, when doing any activity, and thus:


full concentration that makes us maximally involved in what we do at the moment


- full awareness of what and how should be done in each subsequent moment of performing a given activity, which means that we not only act smoothly and decisively, but also know how the ideal end result of our actions should look like, our success


- and full satisfaction and joy that make what we do be a source of happiness for us


In order to achieve this state, we should first and foremost set a goal that is motivating and achievable, and also trust in their skills. This is the brand we want to be. We want to motivate you to set ambitious and realistic sports and health goals, while offering support in the form of specialized products, services and knowledge that will help you realize them in the most effective way possible.



And that is why our slogan sounds "Meet the zone"


Constant work has allowed us to become a leader on the dietary supplement market. Our specialized team, even at the moment when you read this text, is working on the next activities in the store.


We not only offer supplements, clothing, etc., but also:

  • Numerous free shipping options
  • Foreign shipping calculator
  • A wide range of products
  • Many regular and occasional price promotions
  • Multifunctional and intuitive search engine
  • MZPoints program
  • Affiliate program
  • Professional advice
  • Blog
  • Thematic group on Facebook "MZ Team"


If you are with us for the first time and you are still wondering whether it is worth trusting us and making a purchase with us, we invite you to read the independent opinions of customers who have already done so and described their experience on the following websites:



We hope that these opinions will finally convince you to us and we will have the pleasure to execute your next orders.


Of course, your opinion is also very important to us. Therefore, we would be very grateful to you for sharing it with us on the above websites or among your friends.


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