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Arginine HCL Arginine HCL 120 caps.
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Arginine HCL 120 caps.

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AAKG 300g
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  • 500 mg of arginine hydrochloride in 1 capsule
  • Nitric oxide (NO) precursor

MZ-Store Arginine HCL is a preparation enhancing the feeling of a muscle pump, thus supporting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells to promote their optimal growth.

Arginine – a basic amino acid synthesized in the human body from proline and glutamic acid; acting as a precursor for nitric oxide (NO).

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P for a pump, huge :) :)
04/07/2021 Pompiarz

The „muscle pump" effect is very much desired by many adepts of strength sports, regardless of their experience. It can be achieved thanks to the synergistic effect of many factors, whereas the mechanism behind the muscle pump effect is called vasodilation. It occurs thanks to nitric oxide produced in the vascular endothelium from arginine. Vasodilation is not only a pleasant feeling but also entails a much more efficient supply of nutrients and removal of toxins from the muscle cells.

Noteworthy is also the fact that arginine is not a typical amino acid that builds proteins. One of its best-known roles is participation in the process of detoxifying the body from excess ammonia. The neutralization of the harmful metabolic product takes place in the liver in the so-called urea cycle, during which arginine acts as one of the substrates.

To sum up, MZ-Store Arginine HCL is a supplement dedicated to every physically active person who wants to increase their training performance, supporting the effective transport of nutrients, while achieving a pleasant feeling of a "muscle pump".

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