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Whey protein + casein is a mix of wholesome proteins with a varied rate of amino acid release into the blood. Products in this category are an excellent source all the ingredients necessary to build musculature. They are preparations containing protein obtained from whey and they occur in the form of a concentrate, isolate or hydrolyzate. Characterized by different solubility and protein percentage, all of the blends have one common feature – they cause a relatively rapid release of amino acids into the bloodstream. In turn, casein is a protein that is digested slower and does not cause such a rapid increase in the concentration of amino acids in the blood, however, their release lasts longer.

The mix of whey protein and casein is a perfect combination that causes immediate, a temporary increase of amino acids before and immediately after a workout, and also ensures their long-lasting release during regeneration, e.g. during sleep. Such supplements comprehensively cover the demand for anabolic substrates, as well as protect against catabolism. The undoubted advantages of this blend also include supporting regeneration and effective reduction of post-workout muscle pain.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the highest quality blends of whey proteins and casein, in various weights, forms and complementary ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals.

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from £ 13.20

Creamy protein shake with a very good taste. It completes a diet with proteins needed for athletes.

£ 40.24

BSN Syntha-6 EDGE 1780g

£ 33.00

Protein supplement containing 5 protein fractions. Gluten free and aspartame. It accelerates regeneration.

from £ 21.08

The supplement combines whey protein and casein. A source of whole protein.

from £ 46.62

Protein supplement based on micellar casein. It makes it easy to build muscles and reduce body fat.

£ 31.72

Blend of WPC and micellar casein fortified with formulas which aid digestion and stimulate anabolism.

Xtreme H.P. Protein Out of stock
£ 55.14

Protein supplement with hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, and with the addition of hydrolyzed casein.

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Elite Gourmet Out of stock
£ 37.26

Protein supplement with low carbohydrate and fat content. Supports regeneration and fat reduction.

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Warrior Juice
Warrior Juice Discontinued
from £ 17.03

Supplement combining whey protein and micellar casein. It provides faster regeneration after training.

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