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As you exercise longer in the gym and your muscles adapt to training, muscle fibre repair processes slow down and it is harder to build muscles. A large group of strength athletes take creatine, the most thoroughly tested substance with high anabolic potential.

Creatine is a substance produced naturally in human body from three amino acids. Its high muscle concentrations helps quickly generate energy which is needed for the function of skeletal muscles. In addition, it boosts the production of new proteins and promotes post-workout recovery.

Initially, a single-ingredient product which suits your needs does its job. However, it does not deliver the desired results over time. This is when creatine matrices come in handy, which combine multiple forms of creatine. It acts as a “pharmacological stimulus” which helps maximise anabolic effects. What is more, blends of different types of creatine are more chemically stable and reach the muscle cells almost intact. We would like to offer you blends in the form of highly soluble powders and easy-to-use capsules.

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£ 12.01

Creatine stack with addition of beta-alanine and anti-catabolic taurine. It increases strength and improves anabolism.

Crea9 Xtreme Out of stock
from £ 3.22

Universal creatine stack of 9 forms of creatine. It provides an increase in muscle mass and strength.

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HyperFusion Out of stock
£ 12.65

Creatine stack containing 10 types of creatine. Increases strength and endurance, promotes anabolism.

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Beta Bolic Out of stock
£ 10.29

Creatine stack with addition of beta-alanine and anti-catabolic taurine. It increases strength and improves an

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Crea Combat
Crea Combat Discontinued
£ 17.58

Universal creatine stack of 11 ingredients. Reduces fatigue, supports the nervous and immune system.

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Hydro Pump
Hydro Pump Discontinued
£ 21.23

Creatine stack with 6 forms of creatine. Helps increase a gain in strength and muscle mass.

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CreaKong Discontinued
£ 6.22

Top-quality blend of three sources of creatine: monohydrate, magnesium chelate, and citrate.

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