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Slow-digesting proteins are a great agent to fight catabolism. The kinetics of their absorption is prolonged, thanks to which the body has practically unlimited access to amino acids from the moment of consumption for several consecutive hours. This type of supplement most often consists of a mixture of casein, whey protein concentrate, and egg albumin. If you are interested in mono-preparation based on slow-digesting protein, it is worth choosing the proven casein.

Usually, it is suggested that slow-digesting proteins should be used overnight. Providing access to amino acids for many consecutive hours protects the muscle tissue against nocturnal catabolism and supports the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. Besides, such a slow, balanced injection of amino acids favors a positive nitrogen balance and thus helps to create the most favorable environment in the body for the growth of muscle tissue. There are no contraindications for taking them during the day – the best is to use them during long breaks between meals.

We encourage you to familiarize with our store’s offer. We sell a wide range of supplements that provide slow-digesting proteins. All of them come from renowned manufacturers, they are distinguished by an excellent quality and are available in many attractive flavors.


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Olympus Labs
£ 31.56 £ 27.33

Blend of WPC and micellar casein fortified with formulas which aid digestion and stimulate anabolism.

Whey Creamy Cocktail Out of stock
from £ 12.29

Creamy protein shake with a very good taste. It completes a diet with proteins needed for athletes.

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Matrix 5.0 Out of stock
£ 33.68

Protein supplement with a very good taste. Contains four protein sources. It improves anabolism and inhibits catabolism.

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Micellar Casein Out of stock
£ 14.62

The highest quality micellar casein, characterized by slow release of amino acids to the organism.

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Combat Powder Out of stock
Muscle Pharm
£ 37.92

Protein supplement composed of 5 different protein fractions. Contains of BCAA, glutamine, digestive enzymes, and fiber.

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Micellar Casein Out of stock
£ 15.89

Protein supplement based on micellar casein with vitamins. Reduces catabolism.

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Night Protein Blend
Night Protein Blend Discontinued
from £ 17.79

A set of proteins with prolonged absorption. It supplies the muscles with the necessary amino acids.

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System Protein 80
System Protein 80 Discontinued
from £ 13.98

Supplement containing animal proteins. It accelerates fat burning and promotes regeneration.

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Mega Strong Protein
Mega Strong Protein Discontinued
from £ 13.35

Supplement contains 6 protein sources. It helps to burn fat and promotes regeneration.

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Elite Casein
Elite Casein Discontinued
£ 46.39

Protein supplement based on micellar casein. It makes it easy to build muscles and reduce body fat.

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Syntha-6 EDGE
Syntha-6 EDGE Discontinued
£ 48.51

BSN Syntha-6 EDGE 1780g

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Warrior Juice
Warrior Juice Discontinued
from £ 16.95

Supplement combining whey protein and micellar casein. It provides faster regeneration after training.

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Night Pro
Night Pro Discontinued
£ 20.97

Protein supplement based on calcium caseinate and micellar casein. Supports regeneration.

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