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SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren 90 caps.
Hades's Hegemony
£ 54.61

SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren 90 caps.

Servings: 90 caps.
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Ibutamoren MK-677 90 caps.
Ibutamoren MK-677 90 caps.
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  • Supports the development and maintaining the muscles
  • Increases the concentration of somatotropin and IGF-1
  • Safe alternative to injectable growth hormone
  • Shortens the time of the body regeneration
  • Shows strong anabolic properties
  • Effectively inhibits catabolism
  • Reduces the level of cortisol
  • Facilitates the loss of fat
  • Ghrelin mimetic

SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren is an oral supplement with anabolic and anti catabolic properties based on (R) -1 '- (2-methylalanyl-O-benzyl-D-seryl) -1- (methylsulfonyl) -1,2-dihydrospiro [indole-3, 4'-piperidine], a chemical compound colloquially known as Ibutamoren or MK-677. It mimics ghrelin, which helps to increase the levels of growth hormone (GH, somatotropin) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and reduce the level of cortisol in the body.

By interacting with the growth hormone receptors (GHS-R), Ibutamoren allows to increase the concentration of GH, IGF-1 and the insulin-like growth factor-3 binding protein (IGFBP-3) which is crucial for their proper functioning. Up to now, the ability to activate GHS-R has been attributed only to ghrelin. The imitation of ghrelin in this area allowed the substance to be classified as a ghrelin mimetic.

High level of growth hormone is responsible for a number of important processes taking place in the body, including: the development of the system, energy substrate management, the degree of anabolic and catabolic changes, immune response and the work of central nervous system. Regulation of secretion of somatropin is the role of somatoliberin, somatostatin and IGF-1, and among the stimuli that increase its secretion, the most frequently mentioned are: physical effort, sleep, supply of appropriate amino acids, hunger and the accompanying ghrelin and availability of some other hormones. GH ejection leads to an increased amino-acid binding process by muscle tissues, synthesis and renewal of muscle fibers, strengthening of the skeletal structure and reducing of adipose tissue.

Ibutamoren, unlike ghrelin, does not elevate cortisol levels and even decreases it. It does not affect the amount of prolactin or luteinizing hormone (LH). It can slightly lower the total testosterone level, but without a large impact on the free testosterone amount. Thus, MK-677 is able to induce positive effects attributed to ghrelin without showing its negative properties. MK-677 is characterized by resistance to degradation upon exposure to the acidic environment of the digestive system, by means of which exhibits high stability and very good bioavailability. The oral form of the product makes ibutamoren a highly valuable alternative to the synthetic growth hormone used in the problematic injection form.

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 90
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
MK-677 (Ibutamoren)10 mg-

Other ingrednients

Rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica, gelatin

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MK-677 significantly increases the concentration of GH, IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 (insulin-binding protein-like growth factor-3) - globulin required for proper operation of IGF-1. It does this by receptor activation, growth hormone secretagogue (GHSR). Thanks to the impact on receptors which natural ghrelin agonists is, acquired the title of ghrelin mimetic.

Ghrelin - otherwise the "hunger hormone" peptide compound synthesized primarily by the stomach cells. By increasing the levels of growth hormone effect on the activation pathway AKT / mTOR, intensification of differentiation of satellite cells, improve the function of mitochondria and inhibition of myostatin compound has great potential for growth of muscle tissue. Additional action intensifying the synthesis of cortisol and prolactin, and an inhibitory effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal resulting in lower levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone, but eliminates the use of ghrelin as an effective anabolic-catabolic supplement.

Ibutamoren in contrast to ghrelin does not increase the level of cortisol and lower it on the contrary. Had no effect on the amount of prolactin and luteinising hormone (LH). It may slightly decrease testosterone levels in total, but no effect on the rate of free testosterone. Thus Ibutamoren is able to produce positive effects attributed grelinie, without showing the negative properties associated with it.

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