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VasoMax VasoMax 220g
Performax Labs
£ 27.60

VasoMax 220g

Servings: 220g
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  • Carefully selected synergistic substances
  • Ensures a high level of focus during training
  • Advanced compounds that increase nitric oxide
  • Provides “training pump” and muscle bulk effects
  • Maintains high water concentration in cells
  • Guarantees mental clarity during training
  • Increases nitric oxide levels
  • Enriched with vitamin C
  • Free from stimulants

Performax VasoMax is an advanced pre-workout supplement, intended to produce nitric oxide and improve concentration during training. It is a combination of patented formulas containing carefully selected ingredients with proven effects. The supplement helps to maintain an adequate level of water in the cells and a long-lasting “training pump” effect.

The product contains:
Vitamin C – a water-soluble vitamin that plays the role of an antioxidant, which helps to fight free radicals. It promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), which vasodilates the blood vessels and ensures the proper functioning of the vascular endothelium. Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels.

Pump and Nitric Oxide Blend contains:
GlycerSizeTM – a formula containing 65% of powdered glycerol, which is characterized by high stability. Glycerol exhibits hygroscopic properties, thus allowing for absorbing and maintaining a high level of water concentration in cells. This, in turn, favors the maintenance of the correct course of biochemical processes and delivery of nutrients, positively affecting muscle bulking and preventing cell dehydration during prolonged physical exertion.

Taurine is another compound that regulates the body's water balance. It promotes better tissue hydration, additionally supporting exercise capacity and well-being. Moreover, taurine is also an antioxidant, thanks to which it may relieve post-workout inflammation, which, together with increased water retention in muscle cells, may result in faster regeneration.

Another ingredient is the proprietary blend of natural antioxidants S7 TM.

It contains green coffee extract, green tea extract, turmeric root extract, wild cherry extract, as well as blueberry, kale and broccoli extract. Such a blend is a solid dose of various types of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Increased access to oxygen through a better blood supply to the muscles also promotes a higher risk of free radical formation, which further intensifies exercise-induced inflammation. However, the S7 TM blend allows for mitigating this effect.

Nootropic blend contains:
Alfa-GPC in the form of the patented formula, Alfa-ZoneTM. Choline alfoscerate is a substance that increases cognitive skills. It is a source of highly bioavailable choline, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. It participates in the production of acetylcholine (ACh) – an important neurotransmitter responsible for receiving stimuli and participating in the contraction of muscle fibers. It can effectively increase the strength of muscle contraction and intensify post-workout growth hormone production, thus facilitating muscle mass building.

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) – standardized for the content of min. 0.5% of alkaloids and 0.2% mesembrine Native to Africa, the plant exerts properties that increase mental performance during physical effort (adaptogenic) and improve mood. It eliminates the feeling of anxiety and irritability while increasing cognitive functions. It also enables maintenance of focus during training without over-stimulation within the central nervous system.

Huperzia serrata extract – it is a source of Huperzine A – an alkaloid exhibiting the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and show activity in the nervous system. It is an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, which is an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of ACh. This helps to maintain an adequate level of focus, improve mental performance and well-being.

AstraGin™ is a patented formula containing extracts from Astragalus membranaceous and Panax notoginseng. It is considered an agent that significantly improves the absorption of substances from the lumen of the digestive tract. The addition of the formula to the supplement enhances its effects by increasing the bioavailability of the active ingredients. Due to the support of energy processes, this formula is also considered a crucial training booster.

In summary, Performax VasoMax is a carefully selected blend of ingredients contributing to the “training pump” effect and the maintenance of proper focus during training.

Directions for use
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Container size: 220 gServing size: two scoop (11 g)Servings per container: 20
per portion (11 g)amount%DV
Vitamin C250 mg400%
Pump and Nitric Oxide Blend:
GlycerSizeTM (65% glycerol powder)5000 mg*
Taurine2500 mg*
VACO6TM (Green tea (leaf) extract)300 mg*
S7TM (Green coffee bean (fruit) extract, (Green tea (leaf) extract), Turmeric (root) extract, Tart cherry (fruit), Blueberry (fruit), Kale (leaf), Broccoli (whole plant)10 mg*
Nootropic Blend:
AlphaZoneTM (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine)300 mg*
KannaEaseTM Scelectium Tortuosum Extract (std. to NLT 0,5% alkaloids and 0,2% mesembrine)25 mg*
Huperzia Serrata Extract (std. to1% Huperzia-A)10 mg*
Absorption Enhancement:
AstraGin (Panax notoginseng & Astragalus membranaceus extract)50mg*

Other ingrednients

Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfam Potassium, FD&C Red #40.

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Vitamin C


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) it is a vitamin soluble in body fluids, can be taken from foods (fruits and vegetables), or as drug derived synthetically. The largest of its resources can be found in broccoli, Brussels sprout, kale, black currant fruit and hawthorn, citrus fruits, tomatoes, Savoy cabbage, potatoes. In fact, intake of vitamin C of the food products does not limit the absorbed quantity. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a potent antioxidant, it is an antitoxic, increasing the immune system due to the elimination of risk of bacterial contamination. Vitamin C prevents rupture of blood vessels, affects the blood cholesterol level. It substantially increases the absorption of iron. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Lowers stress levels.
Vitamin C deficiency causes abnormal development of connective tissue, cracking capillaries, abnormal calcification of bone tissue, impaired
absorption of iron, scorbutus. With the lack of vitamin C, all kinds of injuries do not heal up properly. Vitamin C deficiency can be caused by smoking; each cigarette is destroying up to 100 mg of vitamin C.
Dosage: The demand is 60-80 mg daily. It does not limit the ability to consume higher doses. Some side effects may occur only with longer
taking of synthetic vitamin C.



Glycerol (glycerine, 1,2,3-propanetriol) simplest tricarboxylic alcohol, used in the manufacture of medicines (as a filler), cosmetics and food industry. Used in higher doses affect water and electrolyte balance of the body, increase exercise capacity and extend the duration of exercise in various sports. In the sports supplementation used for hydration of the muscle cells to increase the volume of muscle during exercise. Glycerol (sugar alcohol) increases the ability to hydrate the phosphorus muscle cells, allows better nutrition and increasing the volume. It also has an impact on water and electrolyte balance and energy production. By oral ingestion does not change the glycemic profile of blood. It comes in the form of solid and liquid (glycerine), as mono-preparation supplement or an ingredient of pre- and post-workout supplements (creatine stacks nitrogen boosters).
Dosage: 5-10 g per day dissolved in water, in the time before and after exercise. Beginning of application should be started on low doses and gradually reach the maximum, commonly used in sports supplementation dose.



Taurine – non-protein amino acid containing sulphur, which is synthesized in the body from methionine and cysteine, present in sufficient amount in human or animal body (in the brain, heart and skeletal), although in some cases must be supplemented. Significantly affects the calcium content in the cells and stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance and maintains acid-base balance. Takes part in the synthesis of bile acids. In the body acts as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. It is an insulin-mimetic improving insulin metabolism, responsible for transport of nutrients (such as amino acids, glucose, creatine) to the cells and muscle tissue. These properties determine that it is a valued mono-preparation supplement and valuable addition to creatine and amino acid supplements, recommended for psycho-pchysically active people and athletes and other competitive sportsmen in pre- and post-workout periods.
Dosage: 3 grams per day.


Green tea extract


Green tea extract is a concentrate that contains biologically active compounds: polyphenols (e.g. catechin, in the form of EGCG - epigallocatechin gallate), having antioxidant properties and a small thermogenic potential, modifies the action of testosterone metabolites, DTH. Green tea extract is an ingredient of many sports supplements containing fat burners, having pro-health and vitaminizing effect; also for those with low physical activity as an antioxidant and slimming supplement. Available either as mono-preparations, ready drinks, and above all as an extract.
Dosage: 200-500 mg per day (depending of the content of other active bio-components).


Turmeric root extract


What is turmeric root extract?

Turmeric root extract is powdered turmeric in reduced volume in order to achieve as high active curcuminoid concentration as possible.

Turmeric is a spice that gives dishes a characteristic yellow colour. However, apart from its culinary advantages, it is also valued for its great health-promoting potential, which is why it is sometimes called the “Queen of Spices”. The main active substance in turmeric root is curcumin, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. In turn, reducing inflammations helps to relieve pain and inhibit the development of cancer.

People who use turmeric extracts can notice an improvement in the parameters marking blood sugar levels and the condition of the cardiovascular system, which is visible in an optimised lipid profile, reduced hypertension, and enhanced blood flow. Curcumin also helps to inhibit DNA molecule damage and reduce oxidative stress. The advantages of curcumin can be experienced by people struggling with the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders as well.

Turmeric root extract can be found in dietary supplements offered by

Sour cherry


Sour cherry (Cerasus vulgaris Mill.), A tree of the rose family, a rich source of active ingredients: cyanides, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins (A, B group, C). Melatonin contained in the fruits affects the night regeneration and regulates lipid profile. Cherry fruit has the antioxidant potential, enhances the immune system and improves the condition. Eaten as fresh fruit and their products, are also ingredient of functional, nutritional, and vitaminizing strengthening and supporting falling asleep supplements, available at

Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)


Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) - also known as bilberry. The raw production material are the fruits of berries (bilberry - Fructus Myrtylli) and leaves (Folium Myrtylli). Its fruits are a rich source of vitamins: ascorbic acid (vit. C), B vitamins, provitamin D, PP; micronutrients (zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, calcium and iron). They contain from 7 - 15% catechine tannin, myrtillin, organic acids (citric and malic). The leaves contain: anthocyanins, sugars, flavonoids and multi-phenolic acids, essential oil, minerals and trace elements. The most important ingredient of leaves is glucokinin, lowering blood sugar and inositol, supporting the reduction of adipose tissue and influencing the removal of disorders in the digestive system (antidiarrheal). Berries are a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system. Leaves are used in the extracts improving the functioning of the circulatory system. It is a supplement for strengthening, detoxification and vitaminizing.




Brassica oleracea (Broccoli)


Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) are Brassicaceae, rich in nutrients (fibre) and vitamins (B group, C, E, K, beta-carotene), phytosterols, glucosides sulphide derivative of flavone quercetin and steroid female sex hormone (lutein ), mineral salts (e.g., the compounds. of chromium and iron). They are a strong antioxidant, regulate sugar levels in the blood, stabilize the economy calcium. Reduce the risk of heart disease. Affect bone health and proper functioning of the digestive system and digestive tract. Eaten as fresh vegetables and in form of a nutrients, vitamin-enriching and antioxidant supplements.




Alpha GPC (L-Alpha Glucerylphosphorylcholine, alphaglycerylphosphorylcholine) occurs naturally in the brain and milk. It is a chemical compound (a derivative of choline and its provider in the body) providing a precursor for the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. Probably it has an impact on the secretion of the growth hormone that allows the intensification of tissue regeneration and it is improving the general condition and forming of proper body building.
The medicine uses it in the neurological treatments (stress, depression). In the sports supplementation is rarely used. It is a part of the supplements supporting a night renewal process.


Huperzia serrata


Huperzia serrata - a plant family Huperziaceae occurring in the Far and Middle East. It is a source of huperzine A - an alkaloid having the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which is a negative catalyst for the degradation of acetylcholine, that improves nerve conduction and having a significant impact on the concentration, cognition and memory. It helps to mitigate the effects of oxidative stress, and prevents the depressions, has neuroprotective actions improving well-being.. In the sports supplementation it is recommended at pre-workout, pre-effort and during workouts in order to improve concentration, as an component of advanced creatine stack, no-boosters as well as herbal remedies that improve mood.




Astragin is a patented formula, which increases the absorption of amino acids, sugars and vitamins. With insulin sensitivity, it helps to lower blood sugar levels, increasing glycogen reserves up to several dozen percent. It contains natural ingredients, that are extracts of ginseng and astragalus. It is a part of sport diet supplements in the form of pre-workout creatine stacks, amino acid products and so-called "testosterone boosters."
Dosage: 50 mg per day.



Astragalus belongs to the legume family (Fabaceae), originating in China. It is a source of nutrients: astragalosides (triterpenes), flavonoids and glycosides. It stimulates cell metabolism, affects the absorption of nutrients. Increases immunity. It has a positive effect on reducing stress and depression. It increases energy and vitality.
In the sports supplementation, it used as an herbal extract that affects immunity and acts to reduce stress. A part of herbal formulas, so-called adaptogens and preparations, which increase the level of testosterone and creatine stacks. Recommended during fatigue and tendency of frequent upper respiratory tract infections (colds, tonsillitis).
Dosage: the lack of standards defining the daily


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