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Hot Blood 3.0 Hot Blood 3.0 300g
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Hot Blood 3.0

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  • A complex multi-component pre-workout stack that increases exercise capacity
  • Intensifies the production of nitric oxide and provides the training pump effect
  • Helps to increase the energy level and motivation for training
  • Contains caffeine that effectively stimulates to action
  • Helps to maintain the optimal pH level
  • Consists of as many as four patented formulas
  • Reduces the apparent physical and mental fatigue
  • Improves energy metabolism and ATP production
  • Enables extension of the duration of physical activity
  • Regulates the concentration of hydrogen ions in cells
  • Contributes to the improvement of the body’s composition
  • Increases strength, power and muscular endurance
  • Effectively fights free oxygen radicals
  • Supports the functioning of the nervous system
  • Contains as many as five forms of creatine

Scitec Hot Blood 3.0 is a complex pre-workout supplement, increasing the exercise capacity of the body and facilitating the effect of a training pump. It is a source of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals, and has advanced complexes such as Multi-Creatine Matrix, Hot Blood Multi-Complex, Amino Acid Matrix, and Anti-Oxidant Complex. Synergistic ingredients will effectively improve energy processes, muscle function and the functioning of the nervous system.

Multi-Creatine Matrix
It is a combination of up to five different forms of creatine, which include creatine monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn® (buffered creatine monohydrate), creatine pyruvate, creatine citrate, and MicronTec (micronized creatine monohydrate). Creatine supports the process of energy production at the cellular level, giving in its phosphate group to the reconstitution of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is the basic energy carrier in the body, and thanks to the efficient process of ATP production, physical efficiency and exercise capacity become significantly increased. Creatine combined with citrate and pyruvate, effectively increases energy, strength and muscle power, because both compounds are mediators of energy production in the course of the Krebs cycle. Micronized creatine monohydrate and Kre-Alkalyn® are characterized by high bioavailability and high stability of creatine, effectively increasing its level in skeletal muscles.

Hot Blood Multi-Complex contains
Glucose polymer – glucose molecules connected by chemical bonds. They quickly pass through the digestive system without causing discomfort, providing immediate energy that allows achieving better sports results.

L-arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate – contains the ionized form of alpha-ketoglutaric acid, which is involved in the energy production and increases the bioavailability of L-Arginine, which when combined into one compound effectively raises the level of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. This allows relaxation of smooth muscle of blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation and obtaining the effect of training pump and vascularization.

Beta-Alanine – a dipeptide that effectively raises the level of carnosine responsible for the regulation of the cellular pH level, thus contributing to the provision of the optimal environment for the biochemical processes and the delaying of muscle fatigue.

Acetyl L-carnitine hydrochloride – participates in the transport of fatty acids inside the mitochondria, where they can be oxidized and used for energy purposes. The acetylated form of carnitine, passing the blood-brain barrier, increases cognitive abilities and the perceptible energy level, because it supplies the acetyl group necessary for the production of acetylcholine.

L-Carnitine tartrate – supports hepatic fat metabolism and mitochondrial work, contributing to the increase of the body's ability to generate energy. It effectively increases the body's exercise capacity, extending the duration of the effort and lowering the subjective assessment of the effort’s difficulty.

L-citrulline malate – the amino acid that effectively converts to arginine, and thus raises the level of NO and improves blood flow in the blood vessels, combined with the malic acid participating in the Krebs cycle.

Sodium bicarbonate – i.e. baking soda, regulates the level of hydrogen ions and helps to maintain the appropriate pH level and delay the feeling of fatigue during the physical activity.

Bioperine – black pepper extract containing a minimum of 95% of piperine, which by increasing the release of digestive enzymes and improving blood supply to the intestine, increases the absorption of nutrients.

Amino Acid Matrix contains:
L-arginine hydrochloride – intensifies the production of NO, and thus reduces the energy expenditure during an exercise and allows extension of the workout. It supports muscle anabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity, as well as its release and accelerates post-exercise regeneration, resulting from the efficient delivery of nutrients to the muscles.

L-Tyrosine – the amino acid used for the production of catecholamines (dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline), responsible for motor coordination, agitation, and motivation. It helps to prolong the time of physical activity, maintain the clarity of mind during a stressful situation and increase cognitive abilities.

Taurine – it is involved in regulating the concentration of calcium ions in cells that participate in the process of muscle contractility. It is involved in the transport of creatine to skeletal muscle and ensures optimal fluid balance in cells, enhancing their proper functions.

L-ornithine hydrochloride – along with citrulline and arginine, it participates in the ornithine cycle, which is responsible for the conversion of toxic ammonia to urea. It helps to remove excess metabolites produced during a physical activity and to delay the appearance of fatigue, as well as it also has an anabolic effect, by affecting the level of growth hormone (GH).

Anti-Oxidant Complex contains:
Green tea extract – containing 50% of polyphenols, which increase the level of NO, enhance the oxidation of fatty acids and remove excess oxygen free radicals. They reduce delayed muscular pain, have anti-inflammatory effects and improve cognitive skills.

Grape seed extract – characterized by a content of up to 95% of proanthocyanins, which due to their high content of hydroxyl groups have strong antioxidant activity. It prevents vascular epithelial dysfunction, inhibits the collagenase enzyme and lowers cholesterol levels, contributing to the improvement of the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Alpha-lipoic acid – present in almost every cell of the body, it stabilizes cell membranes and is considered as a universal antioxidant. It strongly scavenges free radicals and reduces DNA damage, it prevents obesity and is used in the prevention of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Caffeine – a purine alkaloid responsible for stimulating the body and the nervous system, it increases the level of catecholamines responsible for maintaining vigilance and willingness to act. By binding with the adenosine receptors, it reduces the perceived level of fatigue, thus extending the exercising time. It stimulates the lipolysis process and intensifies the use of fatty acids as a source of energy, thanks to which, in addition to increased power and muscle strength, it contributes to the improvement of body composition.

Magnesium – an element that participates in over 300 different reactions in the body, it is necessary for the proper creation and use of ATP. It is involved in the process of muscle contractility and the signal transmission in the nervous system.

Vitamins from group B:
Vitamin B3 (niacin) – it is necessary for the production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), which is involved in many processes in the body that require oxidation or reduction. It enhances the release of NO and improves energy metabolism of skeletal muscles, allowing for a longer duration of exercise.

Biotin (vitamin B7) – it is involved in the metabolism of energy components and obtaining energy from them. Thus it increases the energy availability in cells, which positively affects sports results.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) – participates in hematopoietic processes as well as cell reproduction and DNA synthesis. It determines the proper course of the methylation process and has antioxidant potential.

In conclusion, Scitec Hot Blood 3.0 is a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement that increases energy production and nitric oxide in the body. It effectively increases the physical capacity and the ability to maintain the effect of vasocongestion and muscle pump. Advanced formulas help to provide the necessary ingredients to create ATP, regulate the pH level in cells and get rid of unnecessary metabolites and reduce the feeling of physical and mental fatigue. The complex keratin matrix allows to effectively saturate muscle with creatine, and the addition of vitamins and minerals ensures the optimal course of biochemical processes.

Directions for use
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Container size: 300 gServing size: 20 gServings per container: 15
per portion (20 g)amount%RDA
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)35 mg219%
Biotin7,5 mcg15%
Folic Acid30 mcg15%
Magnesium56 mg15%
Caffeine (Total Amount)300 mg-
Multi-Creatine Matrix:Creatine Monohydrate, Kre-Alkalyn® (buffered Creatine Monohydrate), Creatine Pyruvate, Creatine Citrate, MicronTec Micronized Creatine Monohydrate4500 mg-
Amino Acid Matrix:L-Arginine HCl (3000 mg), L-Tyrosine (1000 mg), Taurine (200 mg), L-Ornithine HCl (50 mg)7754 mg-
"Hot Blood" Multi-Complex:Glucose Polymer (4600 mg), L-Arginine Alpha- Ketoglutarate (1200 mg), Beta-Alanine (500 mg), Caffeine (283 mg), Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl (250 mg), L-Citrulline DL-Malate (200 mg), L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (50 mg), Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (50 mg), Bioperine® (>95% Piperine) (5 mg)4250 mg-
Anti-Oxidant ComplexGreen Tea extract (>50% Polyphenols) (200 mg), Grape Seed extract (95% Proanthocyanidin) (20 mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (10 mg)230 mg-

Other ingrednients

Guarana: Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Anhydrous), Flavor (Guarana), Anti-Caking Agents (Tricalcium Phosphate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Colors (Carmoisine**, Ponceau 4R**). 

Tropical punch: Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Anhydrous), Flavor (Punch), Anti-Caking Agents (Tricalcium Phosphate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Colors (Carmoisine**, Ponceau 4R**). 

Orange juice: Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Anhydrous), Dextrose, Flavor (Orange Juice), Anti-Caking Agents (Tricalcium Phosphate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide), Color (Paprika Extract), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose). 

Blue guarana: Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid Anhydrous), Flavors (Guarana, Milk Caramel), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Anti-Caking Agents (Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Tricalcium Phosphate).

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Vitamin B3


Vitamin B3 (vitamin PP, niacin, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide) is niacinamide niacin. It is used in interaction with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in the synthesis of hormones during lactation. It provides proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is helpful in inflammatory conditions of the skin. Required for synthesis of sex hormone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and insulin. It does not lose its properties in the manufacturing and storage. The source of acquiring vitamins PP are both products of animal origin (the lean meat, eggs, fish) and vegetable origin (dates, figs, hazelnuts, plums).
Dosage: 2-12 mg / day for children, 14 mg / day for women, 16 mg / day for men and 17-18 mg / day for pregnant or nursing women.




Biotin (vitamin H, co-enzyme R) is in a group of B vitamins, due to the presence of sulphur compounds it is involved in the synthesis of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Also synthesized in the intestines. It enhances the production of hormones and regulates cholesterol levels. It reduces muscle pain. It prevents hair loss and graying of hair. It soothes the skin inflammations. No toxic effects. Often combined with other B group vitamins and vitamin A. The natural sources of biotin are: whole grain bread, yeast, eggs (yolk), milk, brown rice and cheese.

Daily demand: 100-300 mg per day


Folic acid


Folic acid - also known as vitamin B9, is a synthetic form of naturally occurring folates. It needs to be transformed to folates in order to be biologically active also in the human organism. Therefore, its supplementation is recommended to people who do not have problems with methylation processes.

The majority of people associate folic acid with the period of pregnancy. It is definitely a justified association. Proper supply of vitamin B9 conditions correct development of the fetus and prevents disorders of neural tube defects in a baby.

Supplementation with folic acid also demonstrates positive influence on the functions of the nervous system of adults. Some sources say that it is conducive to maintaining beneficial emotional states. Moreover, folic acid takes part in the process of erythropoiesis, thanks to which it enables efficient production of red cells.

Supplementation with folic acid should be also considered by men who deal with low sperm quality. It was proven that complementing the level of vitamin B9 is conducive to increasing reproductive abilities of men.



Magnesium (element from the group of alkaline earth metals, atomic no. 12, a chemical symbol - Mg), one of the most important health microelements, participates in the synthesis process of the disintegration of high energy compounds and processes of transformation of hydrocarbons and fats. It affects the dilation of blood vessels and lower blood pressure, prevents hypercoagulable state. Shortages affect cardiac arrhythmias, malignant muscle cramps, insomnia and anxiety. It is a component of many dietary supplements and found in foods such as whole grain bread, legumes, buckwheat, rice, fish, meat, as well as chocolate, cocoa and nuts.
Dosage of 100 - 500 mg / day



Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, 1-methylotheobromine) is a purine alkaloid occurring in the natural state in plants (Coffea arabica, Camelia sinensis, Paulinia cupana, Ilex paraguariensis), which acts as a natural pesticide, acting toxic to insects. Peculiar smell and taste also deters herbivores. Caffeine in the body inhibits the adenosine receptors in the brain, fighting fatigue and allowing for action activation. It has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of oxygen, which increases the exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and rapid post-workout recovery. In the sports supplementation, caffeine is used as a stimulant nervous system. It has the thermogenic potential and in combination with other substances (e.g. Polyphenols, both occurring in coffee beans, such as cocoa beans, tea leaves and mate) can effectively participate in the reduction of body fat. It is included in many dietary stimulants (creatine stacks, no-boosters, beverages). It is a component of fat burners. It is also in the form of mono-preparation supplements.
Dosage: 100-600 mg per day. Due to the long release of activity should not be used in the evening, before


Creatine Matrix


Creatine Matrix, is a composition of several forms of creatine, its qualitative and quantitative composition depends on the formula used by the manufacturers. The main tasks of creatine is to maintain a high rate of ATP (the basic intracellular energy carrier), hydration of muscle cells and participating in the storage of glycogen. Stores of creatine in muscles influence the improvement of exercise capacity, biological regeneration, and consequently an increase in muscle mass. In the supplementation widely used is its energy and anabolic potential. Components of Creatine matrices are the most common: creatine monohydrate (characterized by high bioavailability and speed of saturation of tissues), creatine malate (has better solubility in liquids of creatine monohydrate, provides an increase in exercise capacity, accelerates gaining of lean body mass, provides biological recovery of the body), ester creatine ( with a strong anabolic potential catabolic high bioavailability), orotate, magnesium creatine chelate, and other forms. In the sports supplementation Creatine matrices are included in the pre- and post -workout creatine stacks, the precursor of nitric oxide (matrix containing arginine), transporters (taurine and others), BCAA, available at
Dosage: Depending on the chemical composition of the matrix,

Creatine monohydrate


Creatine monohydrate is a popular and cheapest form of creatine used in sports supplementation in Poland. This is a molecule, in which are bound: creatine molecule with a molecule of water. It has a high bioavailability and tissue velocity saturation. Supports the exercise capacity (strength and endurance), accelerates muscle growth and regeneration after training exercise. Transport of creatine into the muscle cells is supported by the insulin hormone. For better effect of saturation of the tissues, a diet increasing the content of insulin in the body is indicated (carbohydrate and high protein diet) and supporting nutrients and supplements (Dietary carbohydrate and carbohydrate-protein, insulin ALA, d-pinitol or taurine). Creatine monohydrate is present in the form of mono-preparation supplements (capsules, powders, tablets) and multicomponent supplements (i.e. as a component of creatine stacks).
Dosage: depending on the form of supplement, the type of exercise and weight, normally are used one of the following models of creatine supplementation:
- cyclic supplementation : 5-10g per day in 1-3 portions during the day, 3-5g per dose. The length of the cycle for 4-8 weeks.
- cyclic supplementation with saturated phase: the first 5-7 days after 20-30g daily in 4-6 doses of 4-6g per serving, then the maintenance phase 2-10g per day in divided doses. The length of the cycle 4-8 weeks
- constant supplementation: 0,03-0,05g per kg of body weight for an extended period of time.




Kre-Alkalyn (buffered creatine monohydrate) is a patented formula of creatine, operating with better effect in smaller doses than other forms of creatine (creatine monohydrate). Use of kre-alkyn does not store water in the intercellular spaces, and muscle cells, its use provides full transportation (without support) into muscle cells. With its application, there are no digestive disorders.
Kre-alkalyn regularly used enhances the exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and accelerates the growth of lean body mass. Used after exercise affects the rapid renewal of cells and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It is often used by athletes, despite the higher price then other complexes of creatine. It is available as mono-preparation supplements (capsules, and powders) as well as the complementing of creatine stacks.
Dosage: as recommended by the manufacturer 2.5 - 5g / 24h.

Buffered creatine monohydrate


Buffered creatine monohydrate is a special formula combines creatine monohydrate with the so-called "Buffer", which is a chemical compound that allows to obtain the proper pH of the solution, the aim of its development was to eliminate the conversion of creatine to form creatinine. The formula is modelled on the patented Kre-ALKALYN formula. Buffered creatine monohydrate improves the exercise capacity (strength and endurance), accelerates the growth of lean body mass, and provides extensive wellness after exercise. It is available as both a mono-preparation supplement in a form of capsules (rarely as powder), as a basis or supplementation of creatine stacks.
Dosage: in professional sport recommended 2.5-7.5 grams per day, depending on the intensity of the workout.


Creatine pyruvate


Creatine pyruvate (creatine pyruvate) is formed from the binding of molecules of the two components in one molecule. Pyruvate (pyruvic acid belonging to the oxo acids) is formed as an intermediate product of metabolism of saccharides, proteins and fats, it is an important participant in the energy conversion, of which the intracellular level affects the exercise capacity (strength and endurance), accelerates the reduction of body fat. Phosphocreatine (a form of creatine) is involved in maintaining the balance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) with the ability to replenish in the organism, which is the main carrier of energy within cells. It improves the hydration of muscle cells and the content of glycogen accumulated in them.
The use of creatine pyruvate is recommended to athletes and other sportsmen in all fields of sport and people with high physical activity as part of the diet and support the effort (provides rapid strength gain, accelerates regeneration of the body), causing increases in lean body mass and improve its aesthetics and reduce body fat. Available in the form of mono-preparation supplements and a component of creatine stacks, available for purchase at
Dosage: 2 - 3 mg in the morning and in the evening.

Creatine citrate


Creatine citrate is formed from the combination of creatine molecules and three molecules of citric acid in one molecule. It is a substance soluble in body fluids, more soluble than creatine monohydrate. Ionized citric acid (citrate) is involved in energy conversion, by acting in conjunction with creatine, increases this potential and gives the compound an additional properties. Creatine citrate, when used systematically, effects the energy storage, supporting the exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and increase of muscle mass. It has a regenerative ability through a pH, return to ATP balance in combination with anabolic activity of kinases activated by creatine. Due to the responsibility of the hormone insulin for the transport of creatine into the muscle cells, it is desirable to use creatine during meals or by the use of supplements (carbohydrate, carbohydrate-protein, insulin-like) and citrate creatine mono-preparation and multi-compaund supplements and as supplement to creatine stacks.
Dosage: Depending on the form of supplement, the type of exercise and weight, usually used one of the following creatine supplementation models:
1) supplementation cycle: 5-10g per day in 1-3 portions during the day, 2-5g per dose. Cycle length of about 4-12 weeks
2) constant supplementation: 0,03-0,05g per kg body weight for an extended period of time.




Arginine is an exogenous amino acid, it is a component of dietary proteins, not always synthesized in the human body in necessary quantity, so it is necessary to deliver it in the form of synthetics. It takes part in the biosynthesis agmatine, creatine and nitrogen oxides. The use of supplements containing arginine before workout increases the exercise capacity (strength, endurance). Used after considerable effort intensifies the transfer of energy and building compounds and intensifies the process of recovery. Used at bedtime in combination with lysine and ornithine enhances the synthesis of growth hormone. takes part in the intrasystemic synthesis of creatine. Arginine (as a precursor of ornithine) is involved in the urea cycle, increases the flow of blood in the circulatory system, increases sexual potency (in a short time after application). It affects the body's immunity preventing infections, and lowers blood pressure. In supplements – usually as alpha-ketoglutarate.




Tyrosine - endogenous amino acid (synthesized within the body), one of the 22 protein amino acids building. It occurs naturally in animal food products (eggs, dairy, meat). If the deficiency, it can be synthesized by hydroxylation of phenylalanine, capable of being converted to tyrosine in the liver. It is a precursor of neurotransmitters: dopamine (the group of catecholamines, participating in the processes occurring in the nervous system, causing muscle coordination and participates in the synthesis of many hormones) and noradrenaline (counteracting stress, stimulating the heart and circulatory system, and increasing glycogenolysis and lipolysis participating in the processes of energy transformations). Tyrosine is a precursor of thyroid hormones responsible for the rate of change in metabolic processes and pigment (melanin). In the supplementation, preparations containing tyrosine are used in programs reducing body fat (weight loss), improve mood and are stimulants.
Dosage: Customarily 500-2000 mg per day.




Taurine – non-protein amino acid containing sulphur, which is synthesized in the body from methionine and cysteine, present in sufficient amount in human or animal body (in the brain, heart and skeletal), although in some cases must be supplemented. Significantly affects the calcium content in the cells and stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance and maintains acid-base balance. Takes part in the synthesis of bile acids. In the body acts as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator. It is an insulin-mimetic improving insulin metabolism, responsible for transport of nutrients (such as amino acids, glucose, creatine) to the cells and muscle tissue. These properties determine that it is a valued mono-preparation supplement and valuable addition to creatine and amino acid supplements, recommended for psycho-pchysically active people and athletes and other competitive sportsmen in pre- and post-workout periods.
Dosage: 3 grams per day.




Ornithine belongs to endogenous non-protein amino acids, it is produced by transformation of the amino acid arginine and glutamic acid. It is an intermediate in a metabolic cycle urea synthesis from ammonia and carbon dioxide. The degradation of amino acids in the liver making the first removes nitrogen (alpha amino groups are transferred to alpha-ketoglutarate) and leads to the formation of glutamate, transformed into the form of ammonium ions. It is necessary to neutralize the highly toxic ammonia, which is carried out by aspartate, creating argininosuccinate. A further phase of change is the formation of arginine and fumarate. Then the cycle is repeated. In the transition process, ornithine is the starting material for the enzyme that catalyses a particular stage of the urea synthesis. It is also an acceptor for the synthesis of citrulline. Ornithine, through the synthesis of polyamines, has a regenerating effect on the liver.
Ornithine is available as mono-preparation (often included with the other ingredients of supporting liver function) and
multi-component supplements containing ornithine aspartate. Indispensable in sports supplementation in no-boosters (pre-workout products) as it stores the arginine, it slows down its expenditure and allows for more effective use in the synthesis of nitric oxide. Available in the full range at:
Dosage: There are no specific standards for daily consumption. 200 - 1500 mg / 24h, commonly used in supplementation.

Grape seed extract


Grape seed extract is a valuable source of active ingredients: flavonoids, fatty acids, proanthocyanidins and vitamin E, an antioxidant, binding free radicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregating. It is a component of a pro-health supplements enhancing preventive treatment of the circulatory system diseases. Available in the form of mono-preparation supplements or as a component of nutritional supplements (creatine stacks and nitrogen boosters), vitamin, herbal detoxificating.
Dosage: 50-100 mg per day.


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