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Post-workout supplements with creatine are a group of supplements with various forms of creatine that accelerate post-workout regeneration. These supplements are often enriched with ingredients that increase the absorption of creatine or interact with it in synergy such as carbohydrates, taurine, beta-alanine or alpha-lipoic acid.

Creatine has strong ergogenic properties, and the post-workout supplementation with creatine increases its content in skeletal muscles. As a buffering agent, it helps to get rid of unnecessary metabolic products created during a physical activity. Saturation of muscle with creatine allows improving the process of creating ATP and increasing the possibility of generating muscle strength. It may also increase the water content in muscle cells, helping to deliver nutrients and speed up muscle reconstruction as well as to intensify anabolic processes.

Supplements in this category are recommended for people who want to shorten the time necessary for regeneration of the body after a physical exercise and increase strength and muscle mass. These supplements are ideal for strength training and martial arts sportsmen who, due to the short and intense activities, derive from the phosphagen system. Advanced ingredients of post-workout preparations enriched with creatine allow for an effective increase of exercise capacity during subsequent trainings.

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SyntheSize Out of stock
£ 29.20

Multi-ingredient after training. It promotes muscle mass growth and invigorates.

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Attack 2.0 Out of stock
from £ 12.39

Creatine stack. It supports the construction of lean muscle mass, increases strength and energy during workouts.

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Crea Fight 2.0 Out of stock
£ 27.10

Testosterone training booster with creatine. It provides the most absorbable proteins and provides gain in strength.

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SizeON Out of stock
£ 38.86

Creatine supplement to use after training. Increases protein synthesis and strength, and accelerates regeneration.

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Torrent Out of stock
from £ 31.30

Post-workout booster with creatine. It accelerates the regeneration, inhibits catabolism and promotes muscle growth.

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Pennywise Out of stock
Insane Labz
£ 35.50

Preworkout stack with creatine. Adds energy and improves the exercise capacity. Does not contain beta-alanine

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Rebuild EDGE Out of stock
£ 22.90

Post-workout supplement increasing muscle regeneration and supporting strength and endurance growth.

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CreMax Discontinued
Performax Labs
£ 18.69

Before & after training booster with creatine. It increases lean muscle and strength, and accelerates regeneration.

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War Machine
War Machine Discontinued
£ 13.65

Pre-workout supplement. Reduces fatigue, increases motivation and improves blood flow.

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Tri-Anabol Discontinued
£ 37.60

Supplement for use after training. Supports muscle protein synthesis , and stimulates anabolic hormones.

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Reanimator PRO
Reanimator PRO Discontinued
£ 26.26

Complex formula that supports the most effective substances, which your organism need just after workout.

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Recovery 2.0
Recovery 2.0 Discontinued
£ 11.97

Post-workout booster containing protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins and minerals.

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