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Plant protein blends are innovative supplements designed on the basis of proteins derived exclusively from plant sources. Most often they combine rice protein with pea protein, but sometimes there can also be found an addition of hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein, sesame seeds, cranberry, or other equally interesting plants. Blends of plant proteins are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and they can also be successfully used by people struggling with the intolerance of dairy products.

The conviction that this meat is the only and irreplaceable source of wholesome protein, fortunately, goes out of date. Meat is becoming more and more often associated with massive, widespread animal husbandry and hormones and antibiotics added to feed. And yet there is an increasing problem of food allergies and intolerance to dairy products. Hence the reasonable turning to nature and the search for alternative sources of protein.

Plants seem to be the optimal choice. Many of them contain a large amount of protein with an excellent aminogram. Specialists have proved that by combining proteins isolated from several different vegetable sources, it is possible to obtain an amino acid profile similar to the that of whey protein or egg albumin. As a result, supplements containing plant protein blends are as effective as those based on proteins of milk or animal origin. Except they are much healthier and friendlier to the digestive system.

We encourage everyone, not only vegetarians and vegans to get acquainted with the products in this category. It is always worth to vary the diet and not to impose rigid frames. Switching from a traditional whey-based supplement to a supplement that combines proteins of plant origin may turn out to be a hit.

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£ 15.97

A protein supplement containing three types of plant-derived protein. Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

£ 27.46

Protein supplement based on proteins from peas and rice. Free from the most popular allergens and GMO.


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