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The essence of every training is to adapt the body to perform increasingly heavy exercises, to increase strength and efficiency. It is called adaptation process. To accelerate it, or to improve the capacity of trained muscles in a natural way, it may be necessary to use some supporting substances.

One of the most popular is beta-alanine, widespread amongst athletes, practicing both, strength sports and aerobic exercises. Beta-alanine is a precursor of carnosine, a dipeptide that has a strong buffering effect on lactic acid. It allows muscles to work much longer and more efficiently.

Beta-alanine in stacks is usually combined with compounds that have strong anabolic (creatine and taurine supporting its action), vasodilatation (citrulline, arginine) and stimulating (caffeine) properties. Such blends supply muscle cells with energy necessary for their work and eliminate fatigue, increasing motivation. By improving blood circulation they enable efficient metabolites extraction, and at the same time transporting higher doses of nutrients.

Thinking about your needs we offer a wide range of supplements of various compositions and in different forms - tablets, capsules, gels, powders or liquids. We are sure that you will find the right one according to your preferences.

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£ 20.22

Intra-workout booster with creatine and amino-acid. Improves endurance and stamina.

£ 38.11

Testosterone training booster. It increases strength and endurance, operates anabolic, anti-catabolic.

£ 25.33

Advanced pre-workout stack for boosting energy levels. Increases muscle density and pump.

£ 27.46

Pre-workout with three patented synergistic formulas. Increases energy levels and promotes body fat reduction.

Splyce Out of stock
£ 31.72 £ 25.33

Splyce is a product strengthening and speeding up regeneration during the workout.

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CreaZ ATP Out of stock
£ 23.20

The suplement containing highly-energetic compounds (creatine and ATP), increasing body’s strength and capabil

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ShotGun 5X Out of stock
£ 31.72

An advanced formula that increases exercise capacity and promotes anabolism and regenerative.

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Peak O2 Out of stock
£ 18.95

Six natural adaptogens complex that strongly increase energy efficiency and regeneration.

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