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Insulin is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones in the human body. It is responsible for the metabolism of carbohydrates, and also determines the transformation of fats and proteins. Appropriately high insulin level in the body has a beneficial effect on glycogen production and protein biosynthesis. It may also result in increased physical performance. Thus, regulation of insulin concentration is not only the basis for maintaining health, but also one of the ways to improve sports performance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency considers insulin as an unauthorized doping agent and prohibits its use by healthy people. However, there are a number of substances that help to exploit the anabolic potential of this hormone – these are the so-called insulin mimetics.

Insulin mimetics are substances that mimic the action of the hormone. They include compounds such as alpha-lipoic acid, berberine, certain minerals (e.g. chromium, selenium), Banaba extracts, bitter melon, gurmar, cinnamon bark extract. They can stimulate glucose uptake and regulate such metabolic processes as glycolysis, gluconeogenesis or fatty acid synthesis.

Our offer includes a wide selection of insulin mimetics. Particularly noteworthy are multicomponent formulas, combining several or a dozen synergistic substances. Supplemented wisely, they allow to take full advantage of the insulin potential, promote the building of muscle mass, promote efficiency and improve the post-workout regeneration process.

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£ 33.68

A multi-component preparation that facilitates carbohydrate metabolism and improved insulin sensitivity.

£ 40.04

Advanced nutrient partitioner.

Animal M-Stak Out of stock
£ 33.68

Testosterone booster. It inhibits catabolism, improves anabolism and speeds recovery.

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SlinMax Out of stock
Performax Labs
£ 31.56

Buzzer of insulin. It pumps and harden muscles, promotes anabolic processes and improves metabolism.

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Adamantine Out of stock
£ 52.75

Advanced preparation with anabolic effect. It accelerates post-workout regeneration.

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Recomp RX Out of stock
Blackstone Labs
£ 37.92

Dietary supplement that effectively builds muscle mass with simultaneous reduction of fat tissue.

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Glycolog Out of stock
Blackstone Labs
£ 42.16

A multi-component insulin buzzer. It improves metabolism, promotes anabolic processes.

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Humaslin Discontinued
£ 33.68

A dietary supplement maximising the use of carbohydrates in the muscles. It improves strength results and fat

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Mass FX Black
Mass FX Black Discontinued
Athletic Xtreme
£ 29.45

Supplement increasing the level of testosterone. It increases levels of estrogen and speeds up recovery.

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