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Glutamine is one of those amino acids that should form the basis of supplementation, especially for physically active people. The systemic demand for glutamine is extremely high, and endogenous synthesis rarely fully covers it. Glutamine supplementation may be even more beneficial, when combined with other substances, for example, vitamins from group B.

Manufacturers of supplements make every effort to ensure that the synthetic form of glutamine has a high degree of absorption and ideal bioavailability. This can be achieved thanks to the latest scientific advances, by means of which the glutamine forms obtained have almost 100% absorption and different assimilation kinetics. Our offer includes specially composed glutamine complexes based on various, sometimes very advanced, forms of glutamine. They are often accompanied by additional components that expand the scope of supplement’s activity.

Glutamine blends are most often used by athletes. Regular supplementation has a beneficial effect on the exercise capacity and pace of muscle mass development, and also significantly improves post-workout regeneration. It is worth reaching for glutamine complexes also during convalescence, in periods of excessive stress or during intense physical or mental work. They will help to strengthen the immune system, reduce susceptibility to infection and increase resistance to stress.

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£ 10.89

The combination of the four forms of glutamine. Accelerates the regeneration

from £ 16.55

Dietary supplement composed of three advanced forms of glutamine with the addition of auxiliary substances.

£ 17.81

Dietary supplement containing, inter alia, L-glutamine. It increases the level of nitrogen and supports regeneration.

from £ 9.64

A complex of easily absorbed L-Glutamine. It supports muscle recovery and reduces catabolism.

from £ 12.99

A complex of several forms of L-glutamine with excellent absorbability. It facilitates regeneration.

GlutaCORE Out of stock
£ 18.65

The combination of the three forms of glutamine containing beta-glucan. It provides fast recovery from workouts.

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Glutamine3 Out of stock
£ 8.17

The combination of three forms of glutamine. Helps to build muscles and increases strength plus strengthens immunity.

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Glutamine Out of stock
£ 16.55

Supplement containing three forms of glutamine. Very well absorbed and assimilates, and improves regeneration.

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