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EnZym-Complete with DPP-IV EnZym-Complete with DPP-IV 120 caps.
£ 38.42

EnZym-Complete with DPP-IV 120 caps.

Servings: 120 caps.
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  • A mix of comprehensively active digestive enzymes
  • Facilitates the absorption of necessary macronutrients
  • Helpful in neutralizing antinutrients
  • More efficient work of the digestive system
  • Support in reducing the feeling of heaviness
  • The very broad spectrum of activity

Kirkman EnZym-Complete with DPP-IV is a dietary supplement containing as many as a dozen digestive enzymes that constitute amazing support in stomach ailments resulting from the consumption of stodgy foods.

Improper diet, constant exposure to stress, low physical activity are some of the factors that negatively affect the digestive process. However, also certain disease conditions (e.g. chronic pancreatitis) or extensive surgery may effectively impair digestive functions. Preparations containing enzymes come with help.

The most troublesome nutrient is fats, which delay gastric emptying. The addition of lipase helps to digest them – it allows them to be broken down into smaller molecules, thus facilitating their absorption.

Proteins are an essential nutrient for the body. Any impairment in its absorption may result in malnutrition. The process of protein to amino acid degradation requires the participation of proteases, which achieve their optimum performance at pH of 3 (protease 3.0 in the stomach) and of 6 (protease 6.0 in the gastro-duodenal transition). Other enzymes are plant bromelain and papain, as well as dipeptidyl-peptidase, which helps to digest peptides formed in the presence of casein and gluten.

Although the easiest to absorb are carbohydrates, note it is such a diverse group that it also includes compounds that some people find troublesome to digest. One of them is undoubtedly lactose, which, thanks to lactase, causes no bloating or troublesome diarrhea. Another sugar, sucrose, is managed by invertase.

Glucoamylase, cellulase, and amylase are involved in the breakdown of polysaccharides into glucose molecules, whereas diastase helps in the conversion of starch to maltose. This group includes specific xylanase, which helps to break down antinutrients of plant origin – xylans and arabinates. Phytase, which is involved in the breakdown of health-threatening phytic acid, may prove useful for people who eat large amounts of cereals.

To sum up, Kirkman EnZym-Complete with DPP-IV is a supplement designed for anyone who wants to support the digestive functions of the body, while enjoying the taste of their favorite dishes.


Directions for use
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Container size: 120 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 120
per portion (1 capsule)amount%DV
Dipeptidyl-peptidase25 000 HUT*
Protease 3.050 SAPU*
glucoamylase15 AGU*
bromelain640 000 FCCPU*
papain1 000 000 FCCPU*
Invertase (sucrose)200 SU*
lactase500 ALU*
phytase5 FTU*
Alpha-galactosidase25 GaIU*
cellulase100 CU*
xylanase50 XU*
amylase50 DU*
Protease 6.087,5 HUT*
diastase1,3 DPº*
Pancreatin - extract from Black Aspergillus and Yellow Aspergillus55 mg*
lipase1 375 FIP*
protease11 000 HUT*
amylase412,5 DU*

Other ingrednients

Maltodextrin, carrier - microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose and water (capsule shell).



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Peptidase is an enzyme catalysing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds. Depending on the site of action, it divides into endopeptidase, which breaks peptide bonds in the middle of a peptide chain, and exopeptidase, responsible for the cleavage of single amino acids from the end of a peptide chain. To put it simply, the enzyme helps digest protein.

Peptidase obtained by fermentation of the fungi Aspergillus oryzae is most commonly used in supplementation. It is recommended especially to individuals with high protein intake (athletes and persons on protein-rich diets).

Peptidase is usually found in complex blends of digestive enzymes. It is also an ingredient of some protein supplements available at



Protease (proteinase, peptidase) is a proteolytic enzyme. It is responsible for the hydrolysis of peptide bonds between amino acids in proteins. Protease is released as a biologically inactive proenzyme which is activated in the gastrointestinal lumen.

Protease is not a single compound. It is a large group of 500 various proteases. They can be classified by e.g. the pH in which they are active (acid, neutral and basic) and catalytic mechanisms (serine, threonine, cysteine, spartic and glutamic proteases and metalloproteases).

The role of proteases in human life is not only restricted to digestive processes. They are also involved in the process of growth, maturation and ageing of the body. They play a major function in the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and that is why protease inhibitors are effective in the treatment of many diseases.

In supplementation, proteases are used most frequently to promote the digestion of protein products. They are added to preparations with digestive enzyme blends or protein-rich supplements. What is more, these enzymes are a popular ingredient of formulations for combating the biofilm, formed by pathogenic bacteria in the body.



Bromelain - an enzyme from the group of proteases. The source is the pineapple (pineapple Fructus Sativa) and pineapple leaves, containing bromelain in a form of a mixture of enzymes similar to pepsin and papain responsible for the hydrolysis of peptide bonds of protein. Bromelain in the first place, in the sports supplementation, increases the digestibility of proteins, especially in the case of high-protein diets and has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema. This prevents overloading on the digestive system and diarrhoea.
It is a component of supplements for athletes and supplements supporting musculoskeletal system.




Papain – a digestive enzyme is obtained from the papaya fruit, causing an initial distribution of animal protein in the hydrolysis, increases the digestibility of amino acids, facilitates digestive processes, the impact on the gastric mucosa reduces the risk of peptic ulcer disease, according to in not fully unacknowledged studies it increases immunity. In the sports supplementation it is used in the composition of protein supplements, vitamin supplements and enzyme complexes available at
Dosage: from a few dozen to several hundred mg / 24h



Sucrose (α-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-fructofuranoside, or β-D-fructofuranosyl-α-D-glucopyranoside), a carbohydrate from the group of disaccharides (a combination of fructose and glucose), the food ingredient is sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) and sugar cane (Saccharum officiarum) and maple syrup (trade name: crystal sugar). Sucrose gives sweet taste to food, preserving them at the same time. As it belongs to high-glycemic sugars, its consumption should be limited to periods of pre- and post-workout (before, during, and after exercise). Available in general sale in every above mentioned form.



Lactase (a digestive enzyme) is involved in the digestion of milk sugar (lactose) and improving its digestibility, artificially derived from yeast. In the supplementation it is a component of a nutritional composition containing protein from milk (casein, whey), carbohydrates, meal replacements type of MRP and as an additive in the complexes of the amino acids, available at
Dosage: No standards for consumption



Phytase (myo-inositol hexaphosphate phosphohydrolase) is a phosphorolytic enzyme, which is a catalyst for the hydrolysis of phytic acid – a non-digestive, organic form of phosphorus that occurs in cereal grains and seeds of oil plants. The presence of this enzyme was found in plant organisms and in some animals, bacteria, and fungi. Human body does not produce phytase, however, the intestinal microflora of some people (especially vegetarians and vegans) have been proved to contain microbes capable of producing phytases.

Phytase promotes degradation of phytic acid, and thus increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron. In addition, it promotes better digestion and reduces the symptoms that may accompany the consumption of cereals and legumes. In supplementation, phytase does not occur in the form of a mono-preparation. Most often it is one of the components of mixtures containing various digestive enzymes.




Cellulase is an enzyme of the hydrolase class. It is responsible for catalysing the hydrolysis of β-1 4-glycosidic bonds between glucose molecules in cellulose (a building block for plant cell walls). This reaction leads to the formation of the disaccharide cellobiose which is converted into glucose.

The human body is not capable of synthesising cellulase. Because of that, dietary fibre is not digested and used as a source of energy. Nonetheless, it has a beneficial impact on health, is essential for maintaining normal digestive function and may prevent many diseases. Because of that, it must not be excluded from the diet.

In supplementation, cellulase is most frequently an ingredient of digestive enzyme blends. It can be also found in health-promoting supplements with vegetable and fruit extracts. It is recommended especially to persons who complain of digestive discomfort after consuming fibre-rich foods. 



Amylase (diastase), belong to the group of digestive enzymes (from the group of hydrolases) that catalyse the decomposition of polysaccharides (starch and glycogen) into simple sugars. They are found in saliva, pancreatic juice secreted into the small intestine continuing the digestion. In nature, found in malt, cereal grains. Included in the dietary supplement in combination with the components decomposing milk sugar (lactose), lipases (enzymes that catalyse the hydrolysis decomposition of an ester bond of fat) and proteases (enzymes that catalyse the decomposition of peptide bonds, and are involved in the digestion of protein). Products containing lipase are recommended for active people using high carbohydrate diet and eating hearty meals.




Pancreatin is the enzyme complex which is a substitute for the endogenous pancreatic enzymes containing digestive enzymes: lipase (for decomposition of fats), amylase (hydrating the starch), and protease (digesting protein) regulating the gastrointestinal tract (absorption of nutrients, increased appetite, weight gain) and the digestion (eliminates constipation, bloating). It shows a high activity in the small intestine due to sensitivity to an alkaline environment. In the sports supplementation (and not only) it is a part of enzyme preparations in the prevention of gastric ailments and for high calorie diet during increase of the weight time of the representatives of sculpting disciplines and during periods of increased intensity of workouts, available at
Dosage: permitted use according to the manufacturer's instructions on the leaflets and packaging, the form of administration should be determined by the physician or dietician (preferred enteral preparations).

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