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TCM Powder TCM Powder 500g
£ 9.62

TCM Powder 500g

Servings: 500g
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  • Well digested and soluble form of creatine
  • Improves central nervous system function
  • Increases strength and helps build muscle mass
  • Boosts the efficiency of protein biosynthesis
  • Much faster post-workout recovery
  • Does not cause water retention
  • Boosts intracellular energy production
  • Fast absorption into the bloodstream

Activlab TCM Powder is a top-quality dietary supplement which stimulates anabolic processes in the trained muscles. Creatine malate from this preparation is a well digested form of creatine which is aimed mainly at producing energy in muscle cells. 

Creatine is a compound which is synthesised mainly in the liver, the laboratory of our body. It consists of three amino acids, including glycine, arginine and methionine. It is transported through the blood into different parts of the body, mainly tissues with high metabolic requirements – muscles and nerve cells.

Individuals doing strength sports have a high demand for this tripeptide which may be thus not satisifed  by biosynthesis only. Creatine taken orally is highly bioavailable and its form used in this supplement is not coincidental. Creatine malate (TCM, tri-creatine malate) features excellent bioavailability without side effects such as water retention. What is more, its anion constituent (malic acid) is a substrate for metabolic pathways and that is why it provides even more energy for the working tissues.

Higher dose of energy
Cells need energy from metabolic processes in order to function. It is carried by the compound abbreviated as ATP (adenosine-5’-triphosphate) – an unstable molecule which cannot be stored. To remove this limitation, the body synthesises high-energy phosphates, including phosphocreatine.

During hard exercise (e.g. during strength training), it functions as a “quick fuel” which allows you to do extra two reps. Owing to that, it is possible to preserve muscle glycogen stores and inhibit the production of lactic acid which causes a feeling of fatigue and decreases your training performance by building up in cells.

Bigger gains at hand
Apart from an increase in intracellular ATP levels in muscles, creatine has been shown to contribute indirectly to muscle hypertrophy. This is because it inhibits the activity of the protein myostatin. It is responsible for physiological inhibition of muscle mass growth. This makes the building of muscle mass without supplementation much more difficult for individuals doing hard strength training.

What is more, this anabolic tripeptide helps increase the density of muscle fibres by activating the MAPK and ERK cascades. As a result, it stimulates processes of biosynthesis and inhibits protein catabolism, thereby creating a positive nitrogen balance.

Not only muscles
Creatine has also a positive impact on different parts of the central nervous system. Since neurons have the highest energy demand in our body, they are relatively rich in creatine.

A serious problem in the CNS is excessive excitotoxicity of glutamate – a neurotransmitter which induces the influx of calcium ions to nerve cells and thus leads to their damage. ATP prevents the overaccumulation of intracellular calcium. As a result, creatine supplementation may contribute indirectly to maintaining ion homeostasis and reduce toxic effects of excessive glutamate release.

Creatine has been also shown to influence beneficially mental performance. It may be a promising agent which helps treat depression (it may improve the efficacy of SSRIs). Since it supports mitochondrial function, it may aid in maintaining healthy energy metabolism, which has a very big impact on well-being. 

To sum up, Activlab TCM Powder is a high-quality dietary supplement designed for every novice at strength athletics who want to do their best at workouts and take great satisfaction from them.

Directions for use
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Container size: 500 gServing size: 6 gServings per container: 83
per portion (6 g)amount%RDA
Tri-creatine malate5000 mg*

Other ingrednients

Acidity regulator - sodium citrate, flavors, sweetener E951, anti-caking agent E551, coloring: E104 (lemon flavor), E110 (orange, grapefruit and kiwi flavor), E124 (grapefruit, cherry and blackcurrant) - may have harmful effect on activity and attention in children, E160a (orange flavor), E133 (taste of kiwi and blackcurrant).

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Creatine malate


Creatine malate (tri-creatine malate, TCM, di-creatine malate) is a combination of one molecule of creatine and three (or two) of molecules of malic acid in the ionized form (malate) in one molecule. It has better solubility in liquids of creatine monohydrate. Malate is involved in energy conversion enhancing effect of creatine in this regard. With proper use of creatine malate, there is an increase in exercise capacity of the body (strength and endurance), acceleration - although slower than provide other compounds creatine for better quality - of increase in lean body mass, provides faster and better biological regeneration after exercise. To have a fast saturation of the muscles with creatine, products containing insulin should be used (carbohydrates and proteins) or insulin-mimetic (and the substances of similar ALA, D-pinitol, taurine). Creatine malate is available in the form of powders and capsules (mono-preparation supplements and creatine stacks), for purchase at
Dosage: Usual recommendation in sports, depends on the form of supplement, the type of exercises and weight, uses one of the following creatine dosage models:
- cyclic supplementation: 5-10g per day in 1-3 portions during the day, 2-5g per dose. Cycle length approx. 4-12 weeks
- Constant supplementation: 0,03-0,05g per kg of body weight for an extended period of time.


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