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Ultra Cordyceps 750mg Ultra Cordyceps 750mg 60 caps.
Doctor's Best
£ 14.55

Ultra Cordyceps 750mg 60 caps.

Servings: 60 caps.
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  • High-quality cordyceps extract
  • Enriched with Ginkgo Biloba and artichokes
  • Natural support for immunity
  • Adds vitality and energy
  • Increases the psychophysical endurance
  • Reduces the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness
  • Recommended for athletes
  • Improves the efficiency of respiratory system
  • Improves sexual performance

Doctor's Best Ultra Cordyceps Plus is a dietary supplement which contains high-quality caterpillar fungus extract (Cordyceps sinensis), providing 60 mg of cordycepin and 2 mg of adenosine in a single capsule. The extract is obtained from the professional crops of caterpillar fungus, which have been considered by the Chinese Government as the most similar to the wild state which is present in the high Himalayas. This fact is responsible for the unique efficacy of Ultra Cordyceps Plus.

The supplement has been additionally enriched with a high-quality Ginkgo Biloba extract and with a strong artichoke leaf extract. The both extracts provide a large amount of bioactive ingredients which have a beneficial influence on the human body system, including a wide range of antioxidants. Such a combination ensures an effective and 100% natural preparation with a high level of assimilability.

Cordyceps – also known as the caterpillar fungus – it is a fungus which naturally occurs in the regions of Tibet and Nepal. It has a long tradition in the Chinese herbalism. It is characterised by a natural content of numerous active substances, such as: sixteen amino acids, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, B vitamins (B1, B2, B12), vitamins A, C and E, and other unique substances like cordycepin, cordycepic acid or polysaccharides (such as beta-D-glucan). All these substances have a scientifically proven positive influence on the human body system.

Nowadays, cordyceps is sold as a dietary supplement and it is produced using advanced biotechnology. Thanks to that the product retains its natural and safe composition.

A bit of history – natural doping and "superfood"
The interest about cordyceps became stronger during the competition that took place in 1993 in Beijing. It turned out that the therapy with cordyceps had a great influence on the results that the Chinese female runners achieved over long distances. Nine athletes who underwent the therapy broke nine world records. However, the advantages of cordyceps are used not only in the world of sports. The studies show that it has a wide range of health-promoting advantages and is an effective weapon in the fight against numerous diseases. Moreover, it is fully safe. The researchers classified it as so called "superfood", which can be a component of absolutely every diet.

Cordyceps – for better immunity
Cordyceps occupies a very high position on the list of the most effective plants. It improves immunity in a natural way – it stimulates T lymphocytes (the main group of immune system cells). It works like an antibiotic, but it shows no side effects. All this thanks to the cordycepin – a new antibiotic whose discovery in Cordyceps sinensis was a real breakthrough in the fight against the bacteria that were able to develop resistance to other, more popular antibiotics (such as penicillin, which is also produced from a fungus). This makes cordyceps a very effective support in the treatment of tuberculosis, viral and bacterial infections as well as of Staphylococcus aureus which is resistant to all antibiotics.

Support of respiratory system – something for athletes
The best known and medically proven effect of cordyceps is an increase in physical durability. Cordyceps may effectively improve the physical results, as it increases energy and durability and at the same it reduces tiredness. Its most important function is to improve the mechanism of maintaining inner harmony and efficient use of oxygen. The increase in oxygen uptake and improved breathing in people using cordyceps resulted in fact that it is now also used to relieve ailments of the respiratory system and to fight such diseases as bronchitis, asthma or lung diseases.

Support for kidneys and liver
Thanks to its purifying properties, it supports the removing of toxins from the body system. It improves functions of the liver, which is our natural filter that purifies the blood and other body fluids from contaminations. It provides effective and natural support for people who suffer from cirrhosis or chronic liver inflammation. Also the kidneys benefit from these properties. They are our second filter that enables us to eliminate harmful substances from the body system. Cordyceps is successfully used in the patients who suffer from glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis or kidney stones.

Improvement of fertility and libido
The clinical studies from women and men with limited libido have demonstrated a high effectiveness of cordyceps in the treatment of such problems. It is helpful in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and limited libido. It is a natural aphrodisiac for both women and men. There are also existing evidence that the use of cordyceps has a positive influence on male fertility – in surveyed men who were regularly taking cordyceps, the sperm count and its lifetime increased significantly.

Prevention against tumours
Cordyceps often provides an alternative or excellent support for conventional medicines used in the treatment of tumours, mainly due to the presence of betaglycans and polysaccharides which are effective in a fight against tumours. During the breakdown of polysaccharides at the cellular level, numerous molecules of oxygen are released and, as a result, the tumour cells are immediately destroyed.

Betaglycans contribute to the strengthening of the immune system. They belong to the compounds that are a basis of the most common anticancer medicines (for example lentinan). In people who undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, cordyceps effectively relieves the side effects, such as vomiting and weakness. Its strong purifying properties help to eliminate toxins.

Considering such many and scientifically proven health promoting properties of cordyceps, the supplementation with Doctor’s Best Ultra Cordyceps can be recommended for everyone who want to strengthen the body system in a natural and safe way. Particularly people who are stressed (when you are stressed the immunity of your body system rapidly decreases), weakened, suffer from severe diseases or viral and bacterial infections should pay a great attention to this product.

The benefits of the use of Ultra Cordyceps will be appreciated by athletes and people who train intensively. It will help in faster muscle recovery, improve the performance and thanks to that it will effectively contribute to better results. 


Directions for use
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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 60
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
Organic Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) (Mycelium)750 mg-

Other ingrednients

Modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium silicate.

Cordyceps sinensis


Cordyceps sinensis - a mushroom growing in Tibet, of family Clavicipitaceae, for centuries used in folk medicine. Extracts made of have attributed the anti-tumour and strengthening immunity and shielding the liver. effects. It is considered as an aphrodisiac. It improves the exercise capacity and accelerates regeneration of the body after exercise. The supplements containing Cordyceps extracts are used by endurance athletes competition. It is also available in the form of mono-preparation supplement (on domestic market only mono-preparation Cordyceps is the only available substance).
Dosage: 500-2000 mg per day.


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